AppSmile: Doodle Bomb Review

Doodle Bomb contains 50 exciting missions (35 Standard Missions and 15 "Master Missions") requiring you to explode a bomb close enough to the green control panel to activate it, opening the door to the next level. The goal is to open the door using the fewest number of bombs, for which a par score is available. Each level contains a hole-in-the-wall from which your bomber character lobs time bombs into the gaming area. Bombs do not explode on contact, unless they hit a red barrier. Often, you will need to toss a bomb into an area where it will come to rest on a moving platform or next to a control panel, while you wait patiently for it to blow up. Tilting the device can cause a bomb to roll a bit to the left or right, positioning it properly for the ensuing blast.

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