Gear Review: XCM V-Box reviews the XCM V-Box, a video capture device designed for the Nintendo Wii.

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Ichabod134734d ago

Wish they made one for the 360/PS3 so capturing would be easier :P

Relin4734d ago

You can mod the V-box to allow different inputs...I'm gonna be trying it out and posting a tutorial once I get my hands on one.

Ichabod134734d ago

hmm wow :P Be sure to do that. I didn't know the plug that went into the wii could be modded for say a 360. :P

kewlkat0074734d ago

Let me know whats up...

This is nifty..

Ichabod134734d ago

yeah if this can be modded it's a much cheaper way for capturing then a capture card. Wonder if they can make it support 720p :P

Relin4734d ago

That's a good point...I don't know what resolutions it will support, even if the inputs take HDMI or whatnot. I'll have to play around with it.

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