Zipper: 256 Perfect Number For 'Epic Battle' Feel

CC: Zipper Interactive have revealed the reason they chose 256 as the number of online gamers able to play MAG in one match.

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PhilipLarkin3217d ago

It's all about the map size, though...

Valay3217d ago

It could get cramped in there with 256 players if the map is extremely small!

mjolliffe3217d ago

To me it felt like people were just running around. Hardly any team work...

erathaol3216d ago

Actually the problem I felt was the map sizes were too big sometimes. There is a ton of activity at the objective points but getting there takes awhile, at least the vehicles helped just like they help in battlefield. The difference is that in battlefield you can spawn on your commanders, so it helps eliminate walking distance.

However, MAG changes completely when you and your team have headsets. Teamwork makes the game work extremely well, as your Squad Leader gives you bonuses if you are near him and he gets XP if you complete a directive he assigned. To add platoon leaders can talk to squad leaders so they can assign them to special tasks and generals can talk to everyone of the leaders. The leaders all gain special abilities like calling in air-strikes, UAV's, faster spawn time and maybe some other ones i never saw. Pretty much 256 player games heavily encourage tactics and teamwork. If that's your kind of game get MAG if not than just ignore it. There are other FPSs out there that might be what you want.

Mikeyy3216d ago

If you bothered to play the MAG beta, you would know that the 256 player maps are HUGE, also It was not a Cluster F"", There is room to spread out, and objectives are spread out.

Mikeyy3216d ago

""""" To me it felt like people were just running around. Hardly any team work... """""

Thats probally because you where playing on Raven. SVER is all about team work, and we whooped everybody in beta to proove it.

webeblazing3216d ago

every time i played there mostly was team work even people without mic seem to get what they had to do they usually stay with they team and watch each other backs and try to complete the mission. it will be great if everybody use mics but i feel like this whole every Mplayer game need people talking is over rated who loves talking to strangers.

kewlkat0073216d ago

Rally what do you expect, 256 skilled professional team working gamers.

PinkUni3216d ago

thats because people dont like to follow orders and they just want the game to be a run and gun call of duty game

agentace3216d ago

Like what Mikeyy said you was probably on Raven.
Mostly Raven is where all the COD players go, SVER is SOCOM players and Valours a mix.

Go S.V.E.R if you want the best teamwork

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ThatCanadianGuy3217d ago

I don't care what anybody says, i LOVE this game!

I was hooked since the first beta.I'll never forget my first domination map, when i was planting a charge on the enemy mortars and and watched over it as the bomb was doing it's thing..

I looked over to the left, seen about 30 of my team-mates rushing into the "A" objective, while 10-15 more guys parachuted in right behind them from the sky.Looking over to the right i seen another 15-20 people flanking "A" from the side, with an APC leading the way.

I was stunned,Never before have a played a game where it actually felt like a true war was going on.I wasn't just a player going for the most kills and the highest score.. I was just another soldier on the field doing my part to win the battle.

Pre-ordered & counting down the days.

SixTwoTwo3217d ago

I completely agree with everything you said. For me the best moments in this game are in domination right after the attacking team completes the first wave of objectives and start making their way into the main objectives. Everything disolves into 256 player chaos and I freakin love it.

Clarence Callahan3217d ago

100% agreed with you guys, i don't give a sh*t about what the rest thinks about this awesome game, i don't give a damn about what the 360 owners think about it, the ps3 owners have a game that support 256 players at a solid frame rate, i also remember my domination level with 200+ players, it was amazing, the maps are the right size, it's just like a real war, it's phenomenal!
i am going to buy this game day 1, i don't care if it's 40 or 60$, i want this game, lol.

jut4203216d ago

Couldn't have said it better. The beta had me hooked immediately because I never felt so much like I was in the middle of a war. I've always thought the best shooter is one where you fight large scale battles (I was thinking like a global war where you are constantly fighting for territory all over the world) but I think MAG is a step in the right direction to fulfilling that concept. My only complaints about the game is that 1) once you've unlocked everything, there's really nothing more to work for (that I could tell, didn't actually max out my character in the beta) besides your stats which isn't a big deal, it's just nice to work for other things as well and 2) you have to play on all factions (and max out your character) to get a Platinum trophy. I really just want to play as my faction, but I think I'll be playing this game so much I'll most likely work for the Platinum.

Anyways, I can't wait to see how many people there are once this game releases, hopefully the community for this game will be strong adn this game is active for a while. Although not as polished as other shooters, (which is understandable because of the scale of the game) I had more fun in the beta than I've had since COD4 first came out.

Once Tuesday hits, everyone better watch out for SVER. We owned in the beta (at least from what I played we did)

chidori6663217d ago

lol and glitchs of war have only 6 players :P

gameseveryday3217d ago

the next time they will say 512

unrealgamer583217d ago

for the people who said "no teamwork" that has some truth to it. But if you get about 4 or 5 friends in a squad and one or two are medics with a mic you have just creaged the a team of mag. =]

mjolliffe3217d ago

Yeah I've been in a few games where the teamwork worked well. But the majority of them was people going their separate ways trying to blow their own heads off really.

PirateThom3217d ago

To me, it's like any team based game. You need a group of friends and you need mics.

UnwanteDreamz3217d ago

Friends and mics is all you need. I was in the closed betas with a bunch of my PSN friends. I had alot of fun. I tried the open beta by myself and I didn't enjoy it as much.

Oh and if you happen to play with squad leaders and comanders that know their role the game is awesome.

webeblazing3216d ago

on socom mostly everybody that i play with have a mic its normal for the whole team to have a mic no matter who you play with. sometime half the team still dont talk and the funny thing they act like their mind readers. why is that? if you know how to play as a team you will be good with strategy type shooter. the lone wolf always the break the link in the chain

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