Playstation Motion Controller Delay: The Good & The Bad - "Twiggy" The PushSquare Opinionator

"Twiggy", PushSquare: "Inevitably the Playstation Motion Controller was delayed until Fall this week. No surprises there, we're still reporting on rumoured names here in the PushSquare office, and aside from that very impressive E3 tech-demo, we have nothing at all to go on. But what effect will that delay have on Sony's new hardware? More time will ensure better prepared technology and a stronger line-up of games, but in the same time-frame as Natal, should Sony worry about the Microsoft marketing machine?"

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ThatCanadianGuy3216d ago

Good read & some great points brought up.

D4RkNIKON3216d ago

"I think moving the controller into the same region of Natal suggests they’re not. The initial announcement of a Spring release date suggested Sony wanted to beat Microsoft to it, but the delay indicates that the peripheral requires more care and attention than a rushed release may offer. Only those behind doors know exactly what Sony are cooking for the controller, but we’d imagine they know they have something pretty strong. After-all, Sony fiddled with devices similar to Natal and decided the implementation for the device wasn’t there. They know the technology just aswell as Microsoft."

I completely agree, Sony does know this tech. They have had they Eyetoy and the PSeye and know from experience that you need a controller with buttons for games to be as complex and precise as the hardcore require.

DaTruth3216d ago

They probably saw the thousands of comments in forums specifying the need for analog controls on it! They need almost everything from the original controller on the wands! It is the only way to assure an added experience without gimping the experience!

tiamat53216d ago

Very good points.But I am concerned about the whole marketing thing. I personally am convinced. With the tech demos they showed at E3, including the very impressive cursive writing accuracy plus Sony's experience with both casual and hardcore games I just might be preordering this baby. But the trend seems to be that unless something is hyped to high heaven it's not worth buying. People seem to buy the worst junk as long a you hype it enough. Sony's Uncharted 2 was GOTY but despite this sales were still not astronomical as they should have been. So Sony I know its not your style but hype the Arc to high heaven and beyond.