Team Fortress 2 Preview

Team Fortress 2 really has been in development for going on ten years, or so Shacknews was told by Valve's Robin Walker and Charlie Brown during a recent trip to the company's Bellevue, Seattle offices. Production of the long awaited game, for years presumed by many to be vaporware, never completely stopped or restarted, despite the drastic changes it has seen to its gameplay and visual style.

"It's a testament to our internal perspective that we're just not going to ship something until it's ready," Walker said. "As a company, we hate being in a position where we're making guesses."

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QuackPot4733d ago (Edited 4733d ago )

All gamers are in for a treat with TF2.
It should rock.


* cartoony graphics, exaggerated actions, distinctive classes - the right way to go.

* I wanna be The Engineer

Diselage4733d ago

In development for 10 years? It looks like it (not that the graphics are bad looking but they look 10 years old)should be pretty fun.

boi4733d ago

wow can't wait...i owned in the 1st TF on pc with my sniper lol man i rememebr the capture the flag its sooo goood back then b4 the cheaters came on i played like 24/7 well not tht much but pretty much lol and wen this comes out damn im not gettin off it lol

TheMART4733d ago

"Xbox 360 development is being handled by Valve, and PlayStation 3 development by EA UK. In Valve's offices, team members regularly play cross-platform multiplayer games, but the studio's Doug Lombardi noted emphatically that such functionality will not appear in the final versions."

Oops, they give Valve to the 360, one of the great developers out there and the sh!tty commercial EA to PS3... Mmmmhhhhhh which console got the better deal there?!

zonetrooper54733d ago

Already preordered this game for my PC and not for the 360, sorry guys but this game will suck on the 360 and PS3. Its been in deveoplment for 10 years as it was first gonna be a really gritty game like the first TF, then it turned to a cartoony graphics which I love.

boi4733d ago (Edited 4733d ago )

wooaaa ame here...u wana get owned by me? lol jks but seriously its gd to know sum1 who plays TF:D

Diselage4733d ago

What's the release date one this.

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