PlayStation: The Official Magazine "Games" Of The Year

2009 is long gone however major publications are up to this day releasing what game in their opinions won the much sort after Game of The Year award. As we all know, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves have won this award almost universally, and now its' PlayStation: The Official Magazine's turn to unveil its winner. Although the mag selected one game as its GoTY winner, it also gave out many more "Games of The Year" awards to countless contestants, see them the after the jump.

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mjolliffe3216d ago

Side Kick Of The Year: Rico Valesquez: Killzone 2#

Yep :)

movements3216d ago

killzone 2, a great and sometimes overlooked game!

WildArmed3216d ago (Edited 3216d ago )

'Outfit Of The Year: Sheva Alomar’s Tribal Outfit: Resident Evil 5

“Sheva isn’t just beautiful, she’s smart and tough." '
Epic win lol

'Destination Of The Year: The Nexus: Demon’s Souls'

*plays some b/g music*

HammockGames3215d ago (Edited 3215d ago )

This guy was totally useless on Elite, if not a friggin' liability (especially on the later levels).

There should be a platinum trophy for not shooting Rico on purpose.

Loved the game. Hated Rico.

And more well deserved props for Uncharted 2. Incredible game.

ikkeweer3215d ago

You get to play as Helghast and torture Rico to death (Yeah, I hate him that much)

Saaking3215d ago

I think Rico did his job. He was meant to be hated and he succeed. I despise that guy even though he doesn't even exist.

ThanatosDMC3215d ago (Edited 3215d ago )

Sheva was the dumbest AI ever or Chris depending on who you control. Meh, im still disappointed with RE5. It was just ridiculous especially with the boulder punching and what not. Leon S. Kennedy had something else going...

I was actually hoping that i get to kill Rico for being an A-hole.

ReservoirDog3163214d ago (Edited 3214d ago )

Bleh, they ruined Cpt. Price in mw2. They just tried too hard. Especially his little speech before the last level.

Cpt. Price was one of the coolest characters in video game history, in CoD4. It just wasn't the same in mw2. Especially since one of the coolest things he did in CoD4 was slide you the gun then die at the end of CoD4.

Then they bring him back to life. So stupid...

edit: That goes for Soap too. He should've died too.

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unrealgamer583216d ago

good game, it's on the cheap on gamefly so go check it out.

TheBand1t3215d ago

Rico? You serious? He's the only thing about Killzone 2 I just hated.

movements3215d ago

Captain Price, got to give it up for the man! Real Soldier of the year, no one else even comes close...

N4BmpS3215d ago

I didn't hate Rico but ain't like him that I think of it I kinda did hate him. He screwed up the plan.

movements3215d ago

@ N4BmpS, how did he screw up the plan?

kraze073215d ago (Edited 3215d ago )

Rico was annoying as hell.

"M.I.L.F Of The Year: Crimson Viper: Street Fighter IV" Lol

I did like Sheva's tribal outfit a lot though. If sex sales then they should've had that as her original outfit. It would've been enough to make people forget that the game was an action game and not survival horror.

They should've had a PSP game of the Year and it should've been Dissidia Final Fantasy. That game is highly underrated.

N4BmpS3215d ago (Edited 3215d ago )

Towards the end of the game, when they were supposed to save their crew that was taken by the Helghast; they were gonna pick them off one by one but Rico became impatient and went in Guns blazing and got some one killed(forgot what his name was)It was part of the story but still. Rico wasn't unbearable but I kinda hated his character, still wanna see him in Kz3

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