L.A. Noire Gameplay Mechanic Detailed: Based on Real Life Murders? "We managed to stumble upon a bit of the information before a supposed big reveal that is about to take place next month. "

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Niles3217d ago

looks intresting, but show us some darn gameplay...I hear Duke Nukem was put somewhere in this game which was the REAL CAUSE of the delay for DNF...

100003217d ago

to sort out their employee stuff before they release their next games

AAACE53217d ago

They have been so quiet on this game I forgot about it! Good to see they are still working on it!

execution173217d ago

this still an exclusive, because i'm completely lost on this game, when i hear about it it's an exclusive months later its not, a while later again its an exclusive?
anybody have any plausible ideas on it?

Chubear3217d ago

It's been announced for the PS3 but I think a lot of people expect it to be announced for the 360 soon too.

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100003217d ago

game is dead...I tell ya they moved everything out of this game and put it into agent...

Niles3217d ago

too...LA noire has been in development for 5 years now...was annpunced wayy back in 2004-2005....

822119863217d ago

it should come out this year...Massive influx of games in 2010, we might just miss this one...

donstar3217d ago

how they are going to manage between Agent which is also set in the same time period...

Noctis Aftermath3217d ago

They will release the games something like this: Red Dead Redemption > L.A. Noire > Agent.

RDR in April
L.A. Noire around July/August
Agent around November/December

Of course this is just me speculating.

Buttons3217d ago

LA Noire - 1940's
Agent - 1970's


donstar3217d ago

this is still a PS3 exclusive...that'll make it 2 PS3 exclusives fROM r*

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The story is too old to be commented.