Get a new PS3 for $399.99

Trade in 10 Used PS3/PS2/Wii/Xbox or Xbox360 games and get a brand new 60GB Playstation 3 for only $399.99 Canadian.

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ITR4735d ago

My question is why would you have USED PS3 games if your trying to buy a PS3 for $399.99?

Is that for the 20GB PS3 users??

kingofps34735d ago (Edited 4735d ago )

"Choose a PS3 with optional 20 gigabyte hard drive and get it for $289.99." EBGames Canada have got 20GB PS3s?

Why not mention the Xbox360 for $299.99 with a FREE Gears of War deal or the Xbox360 for $99.99 deal?

This site is News4Gamers and NOT the news what a gamer would like to see here. Therefore, make your describtion to the story more general.

risk4735d ago (Edited 4735d ago )

cuz im going to buy ps3, and i havent seen many people complaning about the xbox's price so meh...they dont wanna save money i guess :p

risk4735d ago

"Get a new PS3 for $399.99!

For a limited time, trade in 10 applicable games and get a new PS3 system with internal 60 gigabyte hard drive for $399.99 after trade in credit."

i was gonna post the flyer but i can't find the flyer anymore...the flyer had the info that you can trade any current/nextgen games for a new ps3.

Satanas4735d ago

EBGames is very picky on the games they find acceptable. If it's 360/PS3/Wii games you'll be ok, but majority of PS2/Xbox games will not be eligible...

Out of my entire Xbox collection (30+ games), the only eligible game I had in a "trade in 4 games and get Lair for free" deal was Halo 1.

Just keep that in mind if you were wondering about this deal.

iceice1234735d ago

Guess I'll be keeping Counter-strike :(

pilotpistolpete4735d ago

I got mine that way. Most of my ps2 titles were eligeable and they give you about 3x the trade in value for the ones who dont make the lust (15$ instead of 5$ for example). I proceeded to trade in my ps2 as well for a total of 350$ for a new ps3.

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The story is too old to be commented.