PSP Go Disassembly

"Here's the PSP Go, stop-motion disassembled and reassembled in under 2 minutes."

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Noctis Aftermath3895d ago

That was cool.

It also lets you see just how neat and tidy everything is without wasting any space.

3895d ago
NeutralGamer3894d ago

I liked seing it being teard apart :D
Interesting to see what I paid 400 $ for...

-Alpha3894d ago

The pricing of the Go baffles me.

For $50 you can buy a complete console that full to the brim of awesome games, blu ray capabilities, picture sharing, etc.

Of course, I assume that people who buy the Go already have the PS3 or are really really hardcore portable gamers who travel a lot.

NeutralGamer3894d ago

The bad thing is I dont own a PS3 :D
I agree 100 % that I should have bought that instead..
Even though I'm a Xbox fan I realized when I got a 40 inch sony bravia TV that I needed a blueray player for HD movies...

Now I need to get a blueray player for 200 $...
For the price of my PSP Go I could have gotten so many things +_+

Plus it can't even run all PSP games...

DJ3894d ago

Sony had to completely re-engineer the PSP handheld to fit in half the space, as well as split across two different physical pieces (the screen and actual body).

And the PSP Go is just as powerful as a PS2. That in of itself is amazing.

rambi803894d ago (Edited 3894d ago )

You can get a go for about $210 on amazon marketplace. I bought one used for 170 - mint condition.

I wanted the bluetooth and smalled size for media. have a 2000 for games.

The biggest problem with it is the disparity between retail + PSN pricing.

EDIT - Its still very early but the pricing of GTA + Assassins creed on ipod seem to be along more reasonable lines - would be interesting to see the outcome

Graphics3894d ago

at neutral gamer, you make and will keep making bad desicions cause of your fanboyism, why have that name if u are not neutral? u either not mentally stable, or never had money, and don't no what to do with money when u have it, that u buy what ever garbage is out their.

ThanatosDMC3894d ago was selling PSP Go for $208 BUT it's only the white ones. I like the black ones better which to me is sexier.

NeutralGamer3894d ago (Edited 3894d ago )

You should try read my bio...
Its true I'm a fan of 360 but my love for Sony balance it and makes me neutral.

Just because I dont own a PS3 doesent mean I'm a "bot" dissing the ps3. Only narrowminded people thinks that way...
I'm a heavy sony user (TV, PS2, PS1, PSX, PSP Go and even my phone), but I dont own a PS3 for various reasons (choosing a PSP Go, being one of the reasons).

So if you would be kind just shut up, dont call me a fanboy and dont comment on my nickname if u're singleminded and can't even read my bio first.

Are you stating that I'm broke or what? For your sake I can tell that I could buy 5 PS3's tomorrow, but I wont cuz there is so many things on my wishlist before that...

Graphics3893d ago

@ neutral gamer...

You see your fanboyism kicked in again, your such a fanboy you don't even notice it.

Are you stating that I'm broke or what? For your sake I can tell that I could buy 5 PS3's tomorrow, but I wont cuz there is so many things on my wishlist before that...

You said you want to buy bluray player for your t.v, and then say u can buy 5 ps3 tomorrow if you want but you don't, because of reasons?

The reason is because you obviously a fanboy or a fake gamer. Plus in your comment u even state you an xbox fan. so you said it yourself, which makes you even more of a fanboy for saying it. who cared if u was a xbox fan, this is a sony psp article.

NeutralGamer3893d ago

Is it seriously not possible to be a xbox fan and a PSP in your world?

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DopyG3894d ago

I agree...
Did we really pay 400 $ for that piece of plastic? :D

Close_Second3894d ago

...who the Go was aimed at. The price bracket puts it up against the ITouch, it offers nothing other than blue tooth and the PSP2 is probably coming out later this year.

However, all Sony needs to do is drop $150 off the price. I am already won on downloading all my games off PSN as its just so much better than buying them on UMD. Faster load times, better battery life, buy once and use on up to 5 PSPs at the same time. The Go still goes for $450 in NEw Zealand.

NeutralGamer3894d ago

I'm seriously considering selling my PSP Go and get a PSP 3000 to play Crisis Core...

The bad is I'm gonna loose 30% of what I gave for it...

Close_Second3894d ago (Edited 3894d ago )

...they were released but when I got to the store two things put me off.

1. The price.
2. I thought the PSP-3000 looked better. You sit a Go next to the 3000 and the smaller screen was just all too obvious.

Does anyone know what the strategy is with the go given it seems to be failing everywhere?

By the way, I have the PSP-3000 and love it. The screen still dumps all over the competition.

DJ3894d ago

I really love mine. My PSP-1000 is pretty much collecting dust, ever since i got this bad boy.

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