Halo: Reach Beta Match Set-up Video Leaked

CC: A video has emerged online showing the set-up to a game in the beta of Halo: Reach. The video includes the conquest lobby set-up as well as some maps.

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The Meerkat3192d ago

Variety on/off

I wonder what that does?

ThanatosDMC3192d ago

I hope it's weather effects or random alien spawning that tries to kill everybody.

CrippleH3192d ago

Yet I got so many disagree for saying so couple days ago.

Bnet3433192d ago

There's no way that's the final version of the lobby, looks way too plain. It's nice to see Conquest Mode. This game is going to be like Battlefield I'm thinking. Maybe not ... -_-

Blaze9293192d ago (Edited 3192d ago )

It's CLEARLY just a modded MW2 menu.

BattleAxe3192d ago

How does a video about nothing get approved?

Elven63192d ago

Fake, that Microsoft Game Studios logo hasn't been used in ages!

JonnyBadfinger3192d ago

Bungie have already said that the only way to play the beta is through ODST. LOL demo disk....

Im will ing to throw 100 bucks down right now that, conquest doesnt exsist and that the front page will look nothing like that.

PLUS there are about a 1000 of these on youtube all the same but different menu options. and they all use the annoucment trailer as the background.

MiloGarret3191d ago (Edited 3191d ago )


Ever played MW2? Noting some similarities? Are you aware of the ability to mod stuff?

Come on, this was a really bad post.

EDIT: Didn't notice Blaze929 above who already stated this. In any case, word!

Kevin ButIer3191d ago

You are the number 1... of 13 ¬¬

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mjolliffe3192d ago

99% of the gaming community haven't played it yet. But he's already played over a day! :(

IrishAssa3192d ago

Does that mean the vid form a week ago is fake

mjolliffe3192d ago

The one from last week was confirmed to be fake by IGN.

sukru3192d ago

You'd not show your own gamertag to the whole world in a leak, you'd make an offline account.

Anyways most of the comments on youtube also say "fake", there is no new information in the video either. It's 99% fake.

Omega43192d ago

Whats Barracks and Weapons upgrades I wonder.

Plus why would the guy expose himself like that.

ActionBastard3192d ago

Ever play a Modern Warfare game? Then you already know. Don't act like it's some strange new feature you've never heard of. Hahahaha

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The story is too old to be commented.