GT - Editorial: Why I Bought An Xbox 360

GT Writes: The Xbox 360, it's been around since 2005 and like it or not has become a force to be reckoned with. Franchises like Gears of War, Halo, Left 4 Dead and Mass Effect among others, have made said console a must buy for any lover of games but I'll be honest with you; although just one of the aforementioned franchises would be enough reason to purchase Microsoft's box (I love and enjoy all of them), they were not they reason I spent hundreds of dollars to buy the console. You might not remember but 5 years ago, an unknown game was announced.

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games4thewin3217d ago

I'm also looking forward to Alan Wake... It's one of the most promising titles on Xbox 360...

Before anyone goes on mouthing off the article, it actually talks positive about all the other Xbox titles.... I found it to be a great read indeed.

Edit: I bought my 360 for Mass Effect and Lost Planet...

WildArmed3217d ago

lol honestly I bought my 360 for Lost Planet >.<
I got addicted to it at my cousin's house (the multiplayer).
So I got it soon after that, ofc lots of awesome games followed up afterwards.
But LP was my 'breaking point'.

My most anticipated 360 game is by far Splinter cell.. just looks too awesome

movements3217d ago

Will be a great and unique experience. Different gamers buy a console for different reasons... Sometimes even years before the game they bought it for comes out.

If I did not own a PS3, I'd surely get it in March just before God of War III lands on planet earth... Surely, it will be one of the biggest gaming experiences in 2010......

Kratos = Chaos!

Chris3993217d ago

LO was amazing. Can't wait to see what he's cooked up next!

This year:
- NNN2
- Mistwalker's Game
- MS and Feelplus "Large Scale RPG Project" (possibly the same as the above)
- Kingdom Under Fire 2

Not a bad year, and I have a feeling MS is gonna make another Japanese push this year, so more surprises in store for sure.

And while I'm not a fan of MS' corporate behavior, as a consumer I do value the fact that when they announce something, it is actually released within a reasonable time frame (like announcement > 3-6 month later release window). Ironically, Alan Wake is an exception.

movements3217d ago

I'm sure some folks will for:

Splinter Cell: Conviction
Crackdown 2
Mass Effect 2
Alan Wake

And other great exclusives.

JoySticksFTW3217d ago

Gears, Crackdown, Mass Effect, and Dead Rising were all huge bonuses :)

It's funny. I bought my launch PS3 for all of the eventual rpg's that only seem to be appearing now. Demon's Souls is insane!

WildArmed3217d ago

While I didn't really like any RPG released so far by them.
I do give a shout out to lost Odyssey.

Chris3993217d ago (Edited 3217d ago )

Yeah, it is a great year for the JRPG. PS3 finally seems to have some really good titles on the shelves and in the pipeline, as does the 360.

And you know that there will be lots more announcements before the summer.

One Western action-RPG that I wish there was more info on is Edge of Twilight. That game looks like it has some real style to it. Last I heard though, the developer was having problems finding a publisher, and that trademark-troll was hounding them for the Edge bit.

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respawnaction3217d ago

nice read indeed sir, as always :)

Dellis3217d ago

no disrespect but if don't buy games for a while and SAVE MONEY so you hook up your PC, their is no need for a Xbox 360. I hardly play my own, I play all the xbox exclusives on my PC.