OnLive lag explained by CEO

OnLive Blog writes:

"Time for another OnLive tech talk. If you want to skip the details, here's the conclusion: (a) we haven't figured out how to go faster than the speed of light, and (b) Noobs beware.

We've gotten quite a few requests from Beta testers wanting to use OnLive from different locations than their initial setup when first invited to OnLive Beta, and we've had to say no for now. Here's why."

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PirateThom3189d ago

I would have thought location and ISP are critical outside of beta as well, but, hey, what do I know?

electricshadow3189d ago

Well, hopefully the next time they show a demo, it won't have as much lag.

ATi_Elite3189d ago

If they have gotten this far this will work.

Sorry but The US Air Force control their UAV's from far away with minimal or no lag. Yes it's a more sophisticated system.

But this proves the technology is there and just needs to be more affordable by a NON GOVERNMENT entity like ONLive.

Basically they need more investers for more servers than 3 and it will run great!

once Sony and Microsoft get 100% onboard they will have their financing and consumer base. It's inevitable.

Baka-akaB3189d ago

Sony and microsoft wont get onboard . Onlive already got gakai lurking from behind , and Onlive is hardly a technological marvel so far that other companies can't and wont do on their own .

I bet you that Sony and MS got plans of their own for a similar cloud system .
Hell Nintendo could pull yet another surprise and launch one before them .

Bilbo653189d ago

We are nowhere near the technology level for this to happen, hell i notice lag when i use a wireless mouse and thats 6 inches from my computer let alone thousands of miles away and needing to transfer from my computer to their servers and back.

Serg3189d ago

The way I see it, it's a closed beta for a reason, for multiple reasons in fact. Well his explanation sounds plausible to me. Cut the guy some slack he's trying to provide a service that has been dismissed as impossible the minute is has been annnounced.

I am excited to see how OnLive turns out once it's released. It's new technology and there has never been a working large scale model of this, so, instead of burning the witch before you've seen for yourself just relax and wait for it.

Blaster_Master3189d ago

Which is why Onlive is never gonna work. Idiot.

SilentNegotiator3189d ago (Edited 3189d ago )

You guys couldn't hold up 30fps on a light game like Burnout in a CONTROLLED situation. And even if you can work that out, input lag will still be awful.

And the compressed to heck video looks horrible.

feelintheflow3189d ago

I never realized how many people on this site either: work for a developer, have a brother who works for a developer, are in the closed beta for onlive. The last article was full of people yapping about how they were in the beta and there is 0 lag. Worst thing about the internet, it allows people to just lie about anything with no consequences. Duh there is gonna be lag. Anyone who thinks this will run as smooth as having a PS3 or a Xbox 360 is nuts. I have a 16mb/sec cable connection and I still have a hard time downloading faster than about 2mb per sec with most file transfers. The infrastructure isn't there yet.

aGameDeveloper3189d ago

Comparing 30-60 Hz gaming to controlling a UAV is ludicrous. A UAV can maintain level flight or the last state sent by the controller by itself, and is generally used in fairly open spaces - so it only NEEDs periodic update from the controller for changes that are fairly immune to lag, and the mission can be adjusted according to the connection parameters. So, if they have 5 second lag, they keep the reconnaissance above a proper ceiling, depending on the speed of the plane (a couple hundred feet, perhaps). If they somehow have 20 ms lag, then they can fly between buildings and such if they wish.

randomwiz3189d ago (Edited 3189d ago )

"Basically they need more investers for more servers than 3 and it will run great! "

how much money do they have? I'm not saying there won't be more than 3 servers of course there will be more, but I'm just not seeing the economical benefits of this. You pay the publishers a lot of money just to get the game, then you give them royalties, and you also have to maintain servers that hold petabytes of data, and(if this gets as big as people are hyping it to be) be able to handle terabytes, if not petabytes of information exchanged every day.

FragMnTagM3189d ago

I forgot what it was called, but I had it when I was a little kid. It was basically the same thing as OnLive but it was made by Sega. It was through the cable company also if I can recall correctly.

BattleAxe3189d ago

Onlive is a great concept, but it will ultimately fail.

Kakkoii3189d ago

While the idea is good, the lag will never be gone until everyone has fiber-optic lines. And even then, we also need a better global network. Currently even with say Verizon FIOS, you'll get latencies of up around 100ms depending on the location your connecting too. And with average latencies being in the 30-60ms. Then when it reach's Onlive's servers there's a bit more average latency. Then the signal is sent back down the same route with the first latency amount added on again.

So you can easily end up with around half second latency. This is a problem that ISP's need to work on. But they are content with not spending money on upgrades to further technological advances. They just care about raking in the cash. Even though it would be great publicity for an ISP to have extremely good latency, they would be afraid it's not enough publicity to justify the millions if not billions of dollars it would take to upgrade a countries infrastructure to support much better latencies.

Good cloud gaming will come, it's just going to be a while.

Redempteur3189d ago

" So my question is, Where are all the people that were in the last "lag" article about Onlive?"

Nowhere ..people sold to OL or trolls mostly ..

Onlive is a joke can NOT work like this on a large scale

Kevin ButIer3188d ago

OnLive fanboys?

Give me a break...

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Baka-akaB3189d ago (Edited 3189d ago )

Lol and yet again they elude the obvious issues with smoke and mirrors . All of this was mentioned already when they announced Onlive , but everyone was too busy admiring how smooth it was at 20 meter from the server at a con .

And of course someone is going to scream hey it's only beta ... as if they would delay it based on it's results , and as if it was a game lacking a little bit of graphical polish .

It's obvious such technology can work , but right now with many limitations in both graphical output and quality of connexion .

What's the point of saying that it would run smooth with a server close to everyone's isp ? It would be the same for everything , not just onlive , and we all know it wont happen anytime soon for many users not living in megapoles .

tdrules3189d ago

so that means anyone in the UK with Victorian phone cables are well and truly screwed?
oh well back to gaming on a platform that doesn't deviate on quality if your ISP has a lot of people online at once...

Raider693189d ago (Edited 3189d ago )

I really dont now about Uk,but im european an in my country theres already 1GB of download,1GB of upload!USA internet connections are old compare to European!They live in the Cable age!Welcome to the optical fibra Wideband,no lag so ever

Mikeyy3189d ago

yes, those speeds are easy to do when you live in a tiny country, Getting all Fiber on the Poles is a simple task there.

in the USA thats a nightmare to do.

My TWC cable does 21Mb, which is great considering i've only ever found 1 website on the whole internet, that has a server that lets me achieve such speeds. It was EA's Red alert 3 website I think, LOL.

With your 1Gb internet, you are not DLing that fast from anyware, also you need a new NIC card and router to even hand that.

frjoethesecond3189d ago

I thought this would be a letdown from the moment I heard about it. A monopoly like business model such as onlives isn't doing the consumer any favours anyway. This tech is best left alone imo.

hazelamy3188d ago

that's my biggest fear with something like this, if that's your only gaming platform you have to keep giving these guys money to keep playing, maybe if you're the type of gamer who rents every game then this service will be perfect for you, but some of us prefer to buy.
this is all assuming it evens works well, if not then it's not worth anybody signing up.

ATi_Elite3189d ago

Fix the lag and increase graphical display!

Sony and Microsoft you bet your consoles this is a threat.


Sony and Microsoft are already onboard with this. NO more consoles No more Fanboys
(Except Nintendo)

nightelfmohawk3189d ago

Maybe for you, but I will always prefer owning a physical copy of my games over paying for a subscription/service or digital distribution. I will become a retro gamer if gaming ever becomes 100% digital distribution or an e-subscription you have to pay for every month or year.

tplarkin73189d ago

For example, Microsoft can have their own service with their own excusive deals. It's like Comcast Cable vs Wow Cable vs DirectTV.

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