WorthPlaying: Matt Hazard: Blood Bath and Beyond Review

WorthPlaying writes: "Last year, the gaming world was introduced to Matt Hazard, a new video game character who was meant to be a clichéd mixture of old 1980s and '90s action heroes from film and TV. His game, Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard, was a parody of gaming stereotypes that the industry has seen in its short 30-year history. The game referenced and made fun of anything possible, from game tutorials to early first-person shooters to Japanese RPGs to the industry itself. Most gamers and critics appreciated the humor and high production values, but few felt that the gameplay matched the developer's ambitions to make a funny but fun triple-A third-person shooter. Fast-forward to less than a year later, and we now have the second game from the fictional video game character. Matt Hazard: Blood Bath and Beyond arrives in both a different genre and a different medium than before. In a way, this is probably for the best, as the sequel makes for a better overall game."

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