First bargain Blu-ray player on the market

GoWell G875 Blu-ray Player - Specifications have been released for what might just be the first bargain Blu-ray player on the market. You may recall that in January the HD DVD group announced that cheap Chinese players would guarantee them a win in the format war. Six months later, those players still can't be found, but a cheap Chinese Blu-ray player has now been spotted on the website for GoWell Enterprises International Ltd...

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ngg123454735d ago

And not 2 million 300 $ hd dvd players?

Blasphemy4735d ago

They say these are bargain blu ray players but there is no price given what gives?

Close_Second4735d ago

...then it must be a bargain LOL.

I will be interested to see how much - to me a bargain would be a $500 (NZD) Blu-Ray player, however how many bells and whilstles would such a player lack?

I purchased my Sony DVD player in 2000 and it still has more features than most of the players released today. Sure, it cost me $1000 (NZD) but it was worth it. At this point though, a top of the line Blu-Ray player in NZ is over $2000 (NZD), too rich for my blood.

I'm still going to wait for a clearer winner to emerge and then for a player to reach the right balance of price and features before I buy into HD disc playback.

pwnsause4735d ago

listens to the Hello Zepp musical score of the Saw Soundtrack to make it a dramatic plot twist..

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL4735d ago (Edited 4735d ago )

Want to show off your PS3's video prowess, Apocalypto is simply STUNNING!

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