New exclusive PS3 title in development by Eutechnyx


"Eutechnyx, developers of the SuperCar Challenge and Ferrari Challenge racing simulator games are currently working on an unannounced game for the PlayStation 3. "

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PirateThom3244d ago

They may want to avoid releasing it any time between March and December 2010.

TheDudeAbides3244d ago

PS3 lineup can't be this good, oh wait it is.

Disccordia3243d ago

It's probably 'Ride To Hell' which they are co-developing with one of the ex-rockstar studios (think it's Vienna?). It sounds basically like a 1960s GTA game. Maybe Eutechnyx are working on the driving aspect of it due to their previous experiences.

-MD-3244d ago

Are you really gonna brag about this developer? 360 gets garbage exclusives every week and nobody is bragging about those.

1-oj3243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )

Eutechnyx who?

callahan093243d ago

I played both Ferrari Challenge & Supercar Challenge. They're very interesting racing simulators. I'm not sure why you think this is a garbage developer. Their games aren't usually as well-received as say Forza 3 was last year, but I think it has something to do with the fact that they don't strive to be popular, sexy games, they simply try to provide a realistic simulation experience. They do a good job at what they set their sights on doing.

UnwanteDreamz3243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )

Wrong! Their were boxie fankids bragging about some crap dev who is making an XBLA game called Subversion just yeasterday on here.

By all means continue living in denial. Everyone knows you xbox fans are above trollish behavior.....

I myself am not excited about this.

OmarJA-N4G3243d ago

Bragging? what's your problem?

It's always nice to have more games & this one might turns out good. :)

gaffyh3243d ago

Supercar Challenge, which Eutechnyx make, is very good. A very realistic sim racer in terms of driving, graphics were a little lackluster though. Still, a great game for anyone that love true Sim racers as this rivals even PC sims.

bjornbear3243d ago

these guys aren't garbage devs ;)

oh and no one cares =O

-MD-3243d ago

Wow 22 disagrees... people must be starved to anticipate an exclusive game from a developer that pumps out 3/10 games.

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qface643244d ago

who? can't say im familiar with them so i see no reason to get excited

PirateThom3243d ago

They made Ferrari Challenge and Supercar Challenge.

Their games had really good feature lists (16 player online, weather, damage, custom liveries)... but the overall games just fail to deliver. The graphics are dull and uninspiring and, even though the handling is decent, it's hard to get any joy from it.

Lehman Brothers3243d ago

Just another exclusive which will flop.. since the droids dont buy their exclusive games.

I invite you for the best experience you can get this year.. go and buy an xbox 360 home entertainment system starting at 199$ + Mass Effect 2 which got a 9.6 score from IGN.

1-oj3243d ago

With 60% failure rates & no games?

Keep it. :)

PirateThom3243d ago

360 owners don't buy exclusives either... since there are no 360 exclusives.

Michael-Jackson3243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )

According to your logic. Metal Gear Solid 4 (2008) a PS3 Exclusive has scored a Masterful 10 from IGN - A rare accomplishment for a next gen game, only a select few of games ever managed to score a 10 from IGN, jump out the box and play beyond.

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