New York, New York: 21 Games with Crysis 2 Setting

PC Games writes: "The scene of Crysis 2 is clear: New York City. There, you can carry in the future with the help of the souped-Nanosuit 2 Aliens into the hereafter. Whether the developer Crytek said at the presentation of the metropole - will do as before with the jungle setting of Crysis - optically new standards remains to be seen."

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MajestieBeast3279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )

i hate that crysis 2 is going to be urban instead of in the tropics which was brilliant best part of the game is pretty much gone.

Chubear3279d ago

That's because if you use a forest setting like in Crysis1, it's much harder to pull of Crysis type visuals on a particular console and since they're trying to keep the consoles versions looking the same, you have to have more building environments than greenry.

It's getting really obvious now that the console version of Crysis is a cash grab cause the console version is going to look like anyother multiplat game but it's really meant for PC.

The PC version will surpass Crysis 1 and everyone will wonder why they even bothered putting it on consoles - iz 'bout teh $$$$, period.

mrv3213279d ago

A living breathing city is just as hard to render as a jungle. Especially if you treat them in the same manor. such as the ability to enter every place including build.

Cities vary a lot more than jungle game enviroments.

BattleAxe3279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )

@ Chubear,

I don't think you should jump to conclusions before we actually see some video footage of the game on consoles. One thing is for sure is that although the graphics for Crysis and Crysis Warhead were amazing, the single player campaign was mediocre and the online play was just plain bad. So if they can improve the gameplay, storyline and online play, then we may have a truly extraordinary game to play next fall.

raztad3279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )

Chubear is right. The whole urban enviroment is a way around console limitations (memory is the most obvious bottleneck). Crytek just wants to limit what the player can see at a given time.

Here is a link for you guys:

kaveti66163279d ago

Oh, I wonder what you're hinting at here.

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AngryFork3279d ago

I wish Crytek made a real Lost game with the sandbox world of Crysis but with all the dharma stations and stuff. It would be a dream game. Or if there were modders out there making it =(.

edwineverready3279d ago

Why do most of the games have to be in NY. I am pretty sick of it.

Fanb0y3279d ago

New York City - is this what Crytek meant by 'a new type of jungle'?

Bodster3279d ago

Yep, America's own concrete jungle ;)

DiffusionE3279d ago

The jungle setting was much better, and I'm pretty sure you won't be able to enter every building, even for PC hardware that is an impossibility for this gen. Anyway, the more I hear about this sequel, the less I like it.

And I agree with Chubear. The city setting is a way around the console hardware limitation. It's all a cash-grab move. I just hope the PC version doesn't get watered down as well.

kaveti66163279d ago

It's not impossible for PC. It's just time-consuming, and uses more RAM.

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