Wii Controls Gaming Market: Surprise of the Year?

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"At this very moment, I am looking at a paused Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess game while an Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 are perched alongside the Wii collecting dust. Does that mean the 360 and Playstation 3 are inferior to the Wii or provide a less gratifying experience? No way. But what it does mean is that Sony and Microsoft underestimated Nintendo as well as the consumer base they try so hard to impress. The Wii's success may not have been a surprise to Nintendo fanboys out there, but it becomes more apparent that the Wii's success certainly surprised Sony and Microsoft."

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assjacket4736d ago

When Nintendo has a game worth playing other than Zelda I might start to care. Even at the cheaper price point it's still too much just to play one game. I'll wait for Phantom Hourglass on DS thank you very much!

PS360WII4736d ago

Yeah I think it blind sided the industry for sure

CyberSentinel4736d ago (Edited 4736d ago )

People will say to themselves, "Damn, I can't believe I was suckered into paying $250.00 dollars for another Gamecube."

Wiibbles Wobble, And They Will Fall Down.

@5: No surprise here. I knew all along Sony would be humbled this generation. Only Lemmings believed brand name alone would overcome all odds. Now we don't hear a peep from them lemmings anymore. Brownoser? DJ? nope. not a peep. I told you so. [email protected]l.

PS360WII4736d ago

lol most people won't even remember what happened 10 years ago

>< darn short term memory!!!! Or is that considered long term memory....

texism4736d ago (Edited 4736d ago )

and that is why you only have one bubble ahahaha

nah just joking, but you seem to forget that some people to this day still play SNES and N64 games...

MK_Red4736d ago

It was obvious since E3 2006. I mean they were 10 hour long rows with hundreds of people waiting to try Wii while other booths were rather empty. The true surprise of the year was PS3 doing so badly. I hope things get even soon.

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The story is too old to be commented.