Check Out Resonance of Fate's Console Exclusive Costumes

Resonance of Fate already has an impressive amount of optional costumes and character customizations, and even more are still to come!

Today, SEGA revealed the console exclusive costumes for the game.

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ClownBelt3190d ago

This is lame. It's not like these exclusive clothes will give you +100% health +50 defense.

Anyways, this is still one of my anticipated game of 2010. Can't wait to get my hands on the game.

Chris3993190d ago

And for a game that has 60+ hours of play; I can see the acrobatic gun-stuff getting boring REAL fast.

Good news for single console owners, is that I played both the PS3 and 360 demo and they seemed on par. I'm not an expert pixel counter, but I'm pretty sensitive to things like resolution, frame-rate and texture detail.

Redempteur3190d ago

Costumes exclusives this time is not that big of a deal .this is good the important part ( bosses, dongeons , characters ) are still there for everyone

Baka-akaB3190d ago

It's ok , with the amount of customisation out there , and much better looking (and efficient)costumes through the game , either side wont care .
In the end just a nice freebie for everyone .

Midgard2283190d ago

thats cool, not the best outfits in the game.

while im a loyal tri-ace fan, this game better have alot more than what the demo has gameplay wise. i cant imagine 60 hours of that jumping and shooting, better be special atks, new spells or blah blah

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