Microsoft Developing New Mystery Product

Microsoft Corporation will have a $12.3 million stake in Chinese game maker Changhong Electric Company after purchasing 15 million of its shares. The two companies plan to work together to develop entertainment products that can be accessed by the internet like "Media Galaxy", a project that is already on the table. This product will link televisions to personal computers at home over the internet.

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drtysouf214733d ago

I wonder if more will be reaveled soon.

Bill Gates4733d ago

Pac-Man Super Heavy Dutty.

toughNAME4733d ago

on every 360 article...

ben hates you4733d ago (Edited 4733d ago )

sony has stated they are to be making more games and who knows what do we expect microsoft to do nothin that is if this has anything to do with console

kewlkat0074733d ago

it has anything to do with a game...this appears to be more like they are going after SlingMedia's, slingbox Market.

Then again MS has money to burn, and this appears to be some type of investment, so there must be money in it to be made. Who nows maybe it will tie into the whole "surface technology" they showcased a month ago.

Maddens Raiders4733d ago

It's that time of year to start battling HOME, LBP, and PSP Remote Play which bolsters slingbox - like connectivity. Even though all of these things aren't "on the shelf" yet for SNE two of them already are (HOMEbeta). Smart move move.

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