Project Natal: The Future Of Gaming

Article on evolution of gaming and what Natal will bring to the table.

Imagine, a blank black screen fills up your television set. As you patiently wait for some kind of sign to let you know that the game has indeed started strange noises of early morning announcements for the Black Mesa employees travel from the stereo and to your ears."

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ASSASSYN 36o3189d ago (Edited 3189d ago )

Natal has the ability to scan real world objects and provide them in a game. What if game devs. provided a prop with game purchase that is readily recognized with a natal game. The prop needs no functionality. Just human manipulation which will be translated in-game. Sword, gun, or even boxing gloves.

ryuzu3189d ago

It's exactly what Sony has done with Eyepet and PSEye.


fryday3189d ago (Edited 3189d ago )

No it's not.

If MS would make pets with natal the pet could do much more with the enviroment. e.g. it could run around you, because you are a 3D Object for Natal. And since Natal knows our bodyparts, it could climb up your body and sit on your shoulder.

n4gn4gn4gn4g3189d ago

I think THE POINT is that the concept isn't new and isn't new to consoles. SONY did it with the PS EYE and the EYETOY though technology is progressing now to make it even better.

It is likely that the delay to SONY's wand is so they can beef up the software side of the equation and add skeletal tracking to the mix right? The PS EYE can handle the input ... it is the software that needs to crunch the data. The only difference then will be that Natal will be able to do it in the dark due to the infrared signals it will use. This too 'may' be addressed with a simple filter cap and ir light source that SONY could pack with the wand.

Saaking3189d ago


That's IS what Eyepet does. Seriously, it just astounds me how blind people will follow MS.

Qui-Gon Jim3189d ago (Edited 3189d ago )

I'm sorry, but EyePet doesn't actually do that. I've seen videos where the eyepet walks right over the image of the person as if they weren't there. FryDay is right that, since Natal recognizes the player in 3D space, the EyePet could actually walk AROUND or ONTO you if it were done on Natal. Sony actually was working with similar tech 5 years ago, but passed on it for some reason.

I find it very ironic that the highest profile titles for PSEye and Natal are, respectively, EyePet and Milo, but EyePet would work better on Natal, and Milo could be done just as well on PSEye (probably better with Natal's processor now removed).

It IS true, though, that other than the 3D capabilities, Natal doesn't do anything that the PSEye doesn't, eg. PSEye DOES also have a 4 microphone array, like Natal.

gaffyh3189d ago

Qui-Gon - This is why you shouldn't rely on videos. You are meant to allow a certain amount of space for the Eyepet to roam about, which is why he would run over the image of you. But if you wave your hand, he jumps up to it, and in a few games he pounces on your hand too. The reason he can't climb on you is that the camera faces the ground, whereas with Natal, the camera faces you.

I_AM_ CANADIAN_19893188d ago

i just dont get it why do people hype everything microsoft does in the gaming industry atleast. natal obviously is going to have hella lag , and the processing power of the 360 is going to be greatly decreased due to processing all natal's commands and what not. personally if i was a parent i wouldnt want my kid swinging a real tennis racket around like geez look at all the vids were kids are throwing wiimotes through 1000 dollar windows and crap. all those wii accidents. id rather my kid rip a skeleton creature in half in 1080p glory and in 3d on the ps3 then have him throw a controller or a real tennis racket through the tv. or cut himself on a ceiling lamp like geez. i bet half those 13 year olds on this site are going to have to play natal on there bed cuz there rooms are to small and there rents dont want them playing downstairs. plus for kids atleast try playing a natal game at 12 o clock in the morning and ur parents are trying to sleep. and when u wake them up from jumping on the god damn floor n crap looking like a tool they tell u to stop. its gunna be just like the wii you idiots that are hyping this are gunna by it then when u get tired or bored of its cliche ur gunna go right back to your lovely controller. doesnt sound very revolutionary if you ask me its called a fade. revolutioner is going from cartridge to disc media, dvd to bluray that is revolutionary. and by the way like 7 years ago a place in vancouver canada called pladium (huge arcade) had games like the wii where u put on boxing gloves and punched i ended up cutting myself, surprising /s then they had a no controller or button tekken fighting booth where all ur moves were registered and you kicked and punched and so fourth it was laggy as hell and it was a huge booth that cost alot of money. natal just trying to succeed at what people have failed over and over and i really dont think the 360 is going to do any better....thats just my honest opinion.

Qui-Gon Jim3188d ago (Edited 3188d ago )

Yeah, you're right to an extent. It DOES jump at and pounce on your hand when you wiggle your fingers. I think the camera just looks for the movement, though, it's not recognizing your actual location. I imagine EyePet got delayed in America to include Arc support at launch, which should make EyePet work even better. Natal does have an edge, though, in that it "knows" the 3D space. Natal could see your body in actual 3D space and incorporate that into the game by moving things around you. There is a video of Sony's Dr. Marks doing something similar with 3DV's z-cam a few years ago. He leads a flock of butterflies around his body because the z-cam can see him as a 3D object. The PSEye could use some tricks to do similar things, but Natal can do it better. Where the camera points is a factor, but even if the PSEye pointed directly at you, it can't really pick you out as being different from the background unless you move, Natal can.

Make no mistake, though. Natal is being overhyped and hugely overestimated by some people. PSEye cannot see in 3D, Natal can. That is the only difference.

kneon3188d ago

So while Natal could do it, they may not be allowed to do it as Sony have already done it and patented it.

I_AM_ CANADIAN_19893188d ago (Edited 3188d ago )

its a shame u have 2 bubbles ur comments always seem logical and agreeable. i dont even know how or if i can yet give bubbles cuz id give u one. sometimes i dont get how crazy trolls still have alot of bubbles i guess they boost themselves or somethings that kinda sad if u think about it.....i like how u always make bungie look like the stupid f*ck he is....and that tehcell guy to probably the same guy....and ur right saaking people do blindly follow ms but to be fair how could they see any how with there heads so far up microsoft's ass. it makes me wonder what kind of alternate reality exists way up there to inspire a person to produce the most idiotic un factual unillogical, completly made up comments i've ever seen.

I_AM_ CANADIAN_19893188d ago

do a certain amount of people have to press it to give a person a bubble......or do you have to have high sinority or something along the lines of that.

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newarknj3603189d ago

i really think the 360 is unmatched woot to microsoft

ShadyDevil3189d ago

Which would mean more "periphreals" cant spell right now. But it would also mean more games costing 100+ dollars. I dont think gamers will be happy with that in the long run. Great chat tho guys keep it going and visit the site for more and be sure to rate/approve my other articles in the pending department. Thanks

reintype3189d ago

It's going to need a sophisticated algorithm to pick up a player's nuances in speech. Not only that an appropriate response for each varied input. If the game fails to recognize your speech, then get ready to talk yourself hoarsely as you repeat sentences over and over, wishing you were given a chance just to push the damn button. That's not all, Imagine you're in one of those important game-changing events where you have to make a choice and the game chose to interpret it wrongly from the one that you decided. Frustration would overcome immersion, in this cases.

Another, is that it's going to take up alot of disk space, there's a reason why games of this ilk tends to be a separate experience instead of a bullet-point feature included in a full game. And you have to multiply that by the numbers of characters you have throughout the game. Making it quite a task for a typical game. Difficult if not outright impossible, for RPGs, where towns and NPCs exist in numbers, unless of course it's called FFXIII. Double that if you are going to include gestures and motion controls.

There's also the inherent problem with speech. People speak with varied tongues and some even have accents. For a game to properly recognise this, it needs to record your voice first in various states to construct a proper algorithm to generate the appropriate response. You're going to need HD.

That's just for the english version, now try to imagine the problems a game company would face, if they are going to release it elsewhere. Gargantuan.

The Idea may look good on paper right now, but it'll take awhile before this one takes root and flies.

newarknj3603189d ago

natal is way before its time this is gonna change gaming forever

n4gn4gn4gn4g3189d ago

Natal is the natural progression of already implemented tech in PS2/PS3/PC gaming. It is the result of a repackaging of someone else's tech on MS's part.


Qui-Gon Jim3189d ago

I agree. I think Natal is still a bit impractical because it uses too much processing power.

Oh, or did you mean "ahead of its time"? I disagree with that.

Fanb0y3189d ago

Wow, people complain that Natal is a repackaging of the Eyetoy?
Good for you. Maybe Natal will actually have some games for it, and some actual support. As far as I remember, there was 0 hype for the Eyetoy when it released.

nighmare233189d ago

thats some sick stuff, creativity with Project Natal is the key that will win people over. this could be something great:)

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