BioShock 2: the seedy underbelly of Rapture

Ten years have passed since the events of the original BioShock and the death of Andrew Ryan, the idealist founder of the utopian underwater city of Rapture which had deteriorated so thoroughly prior to the events of the original game. GamePro reentered Rapture in their exclusive look at a new area of BioShock 2 called Pauper's Drop, a decaying ghetto that represents the seedy underbelly of Ryan's once perfect society. This is a place not even included on the map of Rapture, and something that while necessary to house the badly paid workers that built the city, was unwelcome in the eyes of its creator. "The untold story of Rapture begins here," explains Jordan Thomas, the creative director of the game at 2K Marin. "BioShock 2's story takes you to all of the places that Andrew Ryan wasn't even aware of."

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