Halo 3 Toys Coming

Today McFarlane Toys officially pulled the wraps off a full toy line based on the sci-fi shooter's universe announcing a licensing agreement with Microsoft that should have Halo 3 toys on shelves by spring 2008.

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achira4733d ago

now xbots can stick a halo3 toy in their ass. (sorry but its so hilirious, that i couldnt resist).

Bill Gates4733d ago

Yeah, and whenever they stick a mini Master Chief up their ass it'll send them on a "killing spree"....hahahaha

toughNAME4733d ago

someonesssss nervous about halo 3 :)

drtysouf214733d ago

Wonder how well these will sell.

ben hates you4733d ago

remember back a while ago when some man was custom building an actual halo weapon, now that is something i would buy... i collect weapons

Lyberator4733d ago

Why don't they do something like that.

Charlie26884733d ago

They better be good quality or I aint buying!