GamesRadar: 2010's most promising PC games

GamesRadar writes: "What kind of year has 2009 been? If we're honest, a tough one. Practices central to the PC, such as the use of dedicated servers, are being ignored. We're getting games months after our console cousins. The PC is being increasingly marginalised by publishers who don't think we matter."

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Nihilism3286d ago

good list, 2010 is going to be the best year for gaming in a long time

FangBlade3286d ago

But where is Bad Company 2? o.o

BattleAxe3286d ago

@ Dchalfont

I bet that you're sure looking forward to getting that GTX 280. Just remember, you should get at least 2 gigs of DDR3 Ram when you upgrade your PC.

Method3286d ago

Actually this list is horrible. They list AvP and Elemental War of Magic, 2 games being developed by teams with very poor track records, yet leave out Bad Company 2, RAGE, and Splinter Cell Conviction which have been in development for years by top tier developers.

Nihilism3286d ago

What are you talking about, I already have a gtx280 and I have 4 gig of ram :S

ColdFire3286d ago

Method : "Actually this list is horrible. They list AvP and Elemental War of Magic, 2 games being developed by teams with very poor track records"

AVP maybe, but I believe there is some confusion due to rebellion having multiple dev teams, but Stardock!?!?! Sins of a Solar Empire, and Galactic Civilisations 2 not ring any bells?

JsonHenry3286d ago

I just want a game (other than Crysis:WarHead) to give my new rig a run for its money.

I am mostly excited for RAGE, Supreme Commander 2, StarCraft 2, and the new Stalker and Metro 2033 games. Couple of other lesser games like Natural Selection 2 and Brink as well.

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TheIneffableBob3286d ago

No way StarCraft 2 is releasing in Spring 2010. It's Fall 2010 at the soonest. Beta should be launching soon, though. I'm hoping February-March.

Red Eyed Gamer3286d ago

And who said pc gaming was dead?...

Any chance off project offset coming out in 2010 as well?

Nihilism3286d ago

No idea, I think wherever the Sasquatch is, project offset is there too, never to be seen, and only heard of in rumours.

Nihilism3286d ago

Anyone that hasn't seen or heard of Supreme Commander 2 which is coming out soon

It will give Starcraft 2 a run for it's money for RTS of the year

Red Eyed Gamer3286d ago

I don't know if its coming out this year might do... But checkout "0.AD". Its been in development for years by a indie developer developer. Think Total War scale battle meets age of empires. Its also free :D

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