Tales of Graces Coming To Europe Summer 2010

According to the latest issue of OMN (Official Nintendo Magazine, in Europe), Europe will be seeing a localized release of Tales of Graces later this year. Namco Bandai released the game last December and has yet to announce a localization of the title.

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mephman3195d ago

Nice, hopefully it's an improvement on Dawn of the New World.

Fierce Musashi3195d ago

Likely. DotNW was a spin-off sequel, this is a Mothership title.

SpoonyRedMage3194d ago

Graces is apparently one of the best Tales title so Yay!

It seems a it soon though considering how long we've had to wait for other, such as DoTNW... well over a year.

Noctis Aftermath3194d ago

That's cool for wii owners, also ummm.... where is the ps3 vesperia eu/us release date?

Lavalamp3194d ago

Tales of Graces, I must have you!

AnotherGamerUser3194d ago

Comes out for North America.

Redempteur3194d ago


graces battle system is really cool
and this is a mothership titles so a lot of work was done to make this game ( unlike DoTNW )..

Now we need vesperia us/eu date