Eurogamer: PlayStation 3D

Eurogamer writes: "This is it. It's happening. Having had a strong interest in stereoscopic 3D pretty much since the Digital Foundry blog launched, today is the day I'm finally going to be able to try my hand at the first mainstream adoption of the technology: Sony's fledgling stereoscopic system for PlayStation 3.

I'm under no illusions that this is going to become a mass-market game-changer for the Sony console or anything, but I am intrigued by the potential of the technology. While its short-term impact is going to be limited, in the long term I'm convinced that proper stereoscopic vision is the future of the television set."

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OGharryjoysticks3192d ago

I'm convinced that we all wear glasses that are the TVs in the future.

Then beyond that the glasses become contacts and we can watch TV everywhere.

Cyrus3653192d ago

This is a great read, of some the games how it enhances it, they talk about 3D with Camera tracking GT 5, and how you can really check out your corners with camera tracking...Sounds amazing.

Fatal Blow3192d ago

Am buying one the first day these hd 3d tv comes out wipeout 3d and super star dust 3d will be amazing to play and many others

zoks3103192d ago (Edited 3192d ago )

I predict that eye doctors will figure out a way to make hybrid corrective 3D lens glasses, where the person wearing the glasses will be able to use them as 3D glasses when needed or as regular prescription glasses when needed, no changing or wearing of 2 different glasses at the same time is required.

That would be awesome and easier for people that wear glasses. Imagine walking down Times-square in NYC with prescription 3D glasses, where retailers and businesses have special 3D advertisement posted all over the city. If you have your hybrid glasses you can experience these ads coming to life, that would be sick.

No doubt all of this is far fetched, but a cool vision of the future of 3D none the less.