G4 Tech Review: Google Nexus One Phone

You can breathe easier now that Google's long awaited and rumored Nexus One phone has finally arrived. Chris Hardwick and Kevin Pereira give their take on this new smart phone that runs on Android 2.1 with a 3.7" AMOLED touch screen and a 5 megapixel flash camera. See if this may be the best Android phone ever for $179.

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Letros3279d ago

but useless for me without Verizon, T mobile is terrible here

Guido3279d ago

By the time they work out the firmware upgrades and get that screen more responsive Verizon will pick it up and it will become a complete package. Right now it is ok but with Verizon it will be a much better deal. I would not call it an iPhone killer but a great option for those under Verizon. The Droid just seems so disjointed and clunky.

dericb113279d ago

Its coming to Verzion in the Spring. Spring 2010. Leave the GSM Version alone and just wait a few months. Plus that phone is unlocked and can be used on AT&T(Without 3G).

Krew_923279d ago

T-Mobile is great in my area. I really want tis phone!