Doritos presents Unlock Xbox

Doritos has a new contest starting June 21st that lets contestants submit ideas for an Xbox 360 video game. The best idea will get turned into an actual game, and the top five finalists will win prizes.

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Maddens Raiders4797d ago (Edited 4797d ago )

their own version of a LBP.

This is a little bit of a bummer

07. How much DORITOS does my game need?

You’re gonna have to use your imagination on this one. Games should be DORITOS inspired, but how that inspiration works is all up to you. As long as it’s fresh and creative we’re happy.

Doritos inspired? Who the hell wants to play a game w/ Doritos in it as the main backdrop? Please don't kick me off the site just yet, just wondering how many people they think are going to be excited about making a game based on their favourite Cool Ranch / Nacho Cheese Tortilla Chips? I'm still interested to see the entries though. =]


EDIT:/@below - POG I want w/e the hell you're on btw - didn't mean to jump all over you the other day either - even though you've ignored me. Other people can see what I've said.

EDIT:/@bladestar - yes I know it will garner attention to Doritos and XBox, but a game based on Tortilla Chips? Maybe a wider idea field would make more people excited about doing this. Look, someone is going to win this contest which is really cool, all I'm saying is ~~ is it more likely to be a really kick a$$ game that everyone can't wait to see and play or is this like you said,

-- "it's a PR move... bottom line...." --

I think it's the latter, but it seems that money is all that matters these days anyway. Go, go Doritos.

BIadestarX4797d ago

I don't think it matters... it's a PR move... bottom line... Doritos and microsoft will help eachother advertise their products.

power of Green 4797d ago

Man is spreading so much there starting to use all the forest for deveopment and Big foot country is threatend; the big foots fight back spooking and and fighting back with super strenth and unknown intelligence and technoligies and epic battles comence when man finds out these creatures are as advanced in culture and in mind in a different order. I guess i'v had too many IceHouses lol

power of Green 4797d ago (Edited 4797d ago )

LOL give me the CAASSSHHH... Oh yah you play as the sasquatch a loner that unites its kind to fight mankind this game will have the best visuals and advanced physics to fight man with super strenth jumping hitting people with objects in the woods and Ape man technoigy(their smarter than Neanderthal) laying traps also using super senses. Mua hahahahahahaha.

(((#5))) that game is already out so i'm going to dissagree with you for mentioning a game people already play.

tplarkin74797d ago

Sneak King hides behind bushes, grabs innocent pedestrians, and stuffs Doritos in their mouths!

Shadow Flare4797d ago (Edited 4797d ago )

Towels of War. You play as an Xbox 360 and you kill enemy 360's by scratching their discs, or stabbing up their power bricks. Online mode will consist of a Team Slayer option, and as any type of activity is pretty strenuous for a 360, teammates will have to cover players of the same team with towels to cool them down. If this is not done then your 360 becomes warped and you get racist rednecks holloring down Live voice chat calling you a retard. The 2 teams are split into green and red, with one team having green rings and the other having red rings of death. The red team naturally have 2 mins to win or they set fire. Everytime your 360 dies and respawns, you are charged $80 unless you are within the 1 minute warranty. Thermal goggles have not been included since it would make the game too easy. Sneaking missions are available but it should be noted that the other team will always know where you are from the 100 decible afterburners your machine is letting rip

MaximusPrime4797d ago

im happy with mine. Thanks to the N4G's virus - xbots

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