Kotaku: The Best Role-Playing Games Of 2009

Kotaku writes: "While the jury may still be out on our Game of the Year, we've already rolled the dice on the Best Role-Playing Games of 2009.

Why are we doing a best Role-Playing Game award and not a Best Shooter, Best Driving Game, etc.? Because this is an Editor's Choice category, ladies and gentlemen, and role-playing is my genre of choice. When my writing is done for the day and I'm in-between reviews, I spend my free time increasing stats, gaining experience points, and managing my skills in strange worlds where the fate of everything rests on my shoulders."

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happy_gilmore3191d ago (Edited 3191d ago )

dragon age was boring. combat was BS and graphics were outdated. narrative was generic and convoluted. who wants to read all those booooring tomes?

oh yeah, storage chest is a DLC.

it gets these Bullsh!t awards is it's from EA and websites want to please the pc nerds and xbots.

demon's souls was a perfect game. it did every-damn-thing right. gamespot gave it game of the fcuking year. gaytoku said it was too tense.

fcuk this list.

StanRaimondi3191d ago

i liked Dragon Age i liked the gameplay and stories for each character but imo it didnt and doesnt have sh!t on DEMONS SOULS i think alot of people that played DS found out how hard it could be then just decided that it wasnt a game for them hey to each his own BEST RPG HARDCORE RPG WHATEVER YOU WANNA CALL IT OF THE YEAR IM PRAYING 2010 WILL HAVE SOMETHING JUST AS ADDICTIVE AND GOOD

JasonPC360PS3Wii3191d ago

Don't seem to happy, more like crying. WAAAAAHHHH!!!!

Socomer 19793191d ago

Demons souls is not even hard.
I'm not a rpg gamer & I had a great time.
Nothing was different about dragons age.
At least kotaku has shown me that they are consistantly not my kind
of gamer. I never relate to anything from kotaku.

So nothing personal, I'm not angry. I totally get why kotaku is just a opinion.
But my opinion is that they suck which is why I don't go to thier site or take anything they write seriously.
They are just out to jerk people off. That only works on homosexuals , thier target demographic.

ZeroYui3191d ago

I absolutely loved SMT Devil Survivor!

vhero3191d ago

Kotaku picking a game that's on 360 for the winner shock!

MK_Red3191d ago

Dragon Age was beyond great. The best RPG in years IMO.