IGN: Tatsunoko vs. Capcom Review

Right now you're reading a review for a game that shouldn't have ever existed outside of Japan. Mainstream gamers -- and most hardcore gamers, at that -- don't know the Tatsunoko brand. With very little promise of a commercial success, Capcom would be crazy to bring the latest in the Capcom Vs. series to U.S. shores, right?
Not necessarily, no. You're reading about a "dark horse" game, no doubt. But you're also reading a review for one of the best games on the Wii.

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Rocco3189d ago

Great game. Great score. I'm coppin this!

Bnet3433189d ago

Games like this made me wish I had a Wii but I want this game on PS3 for controller purposes.

Gr813189d ago

Controller is basically the SNES controller which was always the better controller for Street Fighteresque games.

Any way I'm copping this eventually.

Bnet3433189d ago

Like I said ... I don't have a Wii. I much prefer play this with a PS3 controller even if I did have a Wii. Plus, I'd want online play as well.

EvilTwin3189d ago

Yeah...I mean, it's got an online mode. And the classic controller is very comfortable, as Arius said. And you can always get something like this instead, anyway:

Seferoth753189d ago

If you do not have a Wii, Why are you in th Wii section? trolling?

If this game was on PS3 it would most likely bomb like Borderlands, Blazblue, Bioshock, Dragon Age origins, and so many others.
Sorry you have to have just a PS3 You could have bought a 360 and Wii for close to the same price as one PS3 and tripled your gaming library had you made better decisions.

If you are only going to talk about the PS3 then you really should be in the Wii section looking at games for it.
Also your assumption that the PS3 controller is better is false. I can say that though because I have used both. Be kinda hard for you to have used a Wii classic controller when you openly admit to not owning one.

Shouldnt you be in the PS3 section hyping games you know nothing about with the rest of the flock?

Anon19743188d ago

All the guy did was say this game looks interesting, he wants to play it but he prefers another controller. Why is that so threatening to you? I owned a Wii at one point and I didn't like the way the controller was used. Are only people who share your opinion allowed to speak there minds in open forums? I don't care what system you want to game on, we're all gamers. There's nothing wrong with a fellow gamer sharing his insights.

And as for your "PS3 games bombed" quote, give me a break.

I've got nothing against Wii fans, but as a Wii fan yourself, do you really want to go pointing fingers at how games are selling on other systems? Only about 10% of Wii games have ever broken the 1 million mark, the same as the PS3, and yet there's twice as many Wii's sold worldwide!

Seriously, buddy. If you want to bash other people's systems, you gotta come at it with better material than that. Do you really need to bash Sony with every breath? Why not join in a conversation about games for once rather then trying to belittle other people who's only crime as gamers is that they like a different system than you?

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Mahr3189d ago

Boy, with all those 9s over there, I sure am glad that the Overall Score is not an average.

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VanHalen3189d ago

i know alot of people have been kinda hard on the new bionic commando, but i really enjoyed that game and still think its graphics and gameplay were awesome. i played it from start to finish and dug it! it scored quite high on ign too. anyways, this game makes me happy that i still have a wii. they always seem to come out with some kick @ss exclusives every so often!

GFahim3189d ago

we need to get this game and help it sell through so that we can stick up a middle finger to the wii haterz out there.

plus, i really hope a good online community develops. cant wait man

VanHalen3189d ago

yea i agree, everyone needs to buy this game. i might wait till it drops in price a bit or try and get a deal on it. theres just too many damn games coming out. im really waiting for alien vs predator, huge fan of the predator and alien movies and its looking awesome.

Mahr3189d ago

"i might wait till it drops in price a bit or try and get a deal on it."

If memory serves, there's a pretty good deal on Amazon where if you pre-order it, you get a gift certificate for $10 off a future game purchase and you don't have to pay sales tax.

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