Bungie: Screenshots Are From A Pre-Alpha Build

Bungie Employee reveals the screenshots from both Edge magazine and Gameinformer are from a pre-alpha build on twitter.

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deadreckoning6663191d ago (Edited 3191d ago )

Thats what we've been trying to tell the haters for the past week. Reason and logic isn't their strong suit :)

BTW: HHG was the FIRST one to confirm that the Halo Reach beta will include a single player mission.

MGSR THE HD VERSION3191d ago (Edited 3191d ago )

Halo haters will hate on anything you put in front of them.

SnuggleBandit3191d ago

i think we could all tell that

ryuzu3191d ago

Just as well or there would have been some very disappointed people around.

At least now there's still a shot at GOTY for Reach...



Reading this just made my day!

It put a big o smile on my face!!


Like the guy said, "The real thing is looking hawt",

Matter fact Halo Reach will sell like hotcakes, will get HAWT reviews, and the overall game is going to be HAWT-A*S!!!

Saaking3191d ago

I can't wait to see the final build.

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Traveler3191d ago

Wow only pre-alpha? It already looks outstanding.

JANF3190d ago

@ DeepInterludium

Fist of all, the first video was a target render video not the alpha build
and Halo 3 look much better than that 2nd screenshot.

SaberEdge3190d ago Show
niceguywii603190d ago

Please know what you're talking about before you post like you know what you're talking about. When has that first pic been claimed as pre-alpha? That is Target build for Halo 3, it did not happen because the Halo 3 engine needed "GUTTING"

The pre-alpha Halo Reach character models already surpass the Halo 3 target build.

Nice Halo 3 pic in your 2nd link. Did you do something to it?

Xi3190d ago Show
niceguywii603190d ago

You already proven yourself to be either ignorant or a lier. So stop spamming this article with Halo 3 pics and Halo 2 pics please.

What makes you think you know exactly what sequence all developers develop their games? Some work on graphics first and gameplay second. Others work on gameplay first and graphics last and many do a mix of things.

DeepInterludium3190d ago


Thanks for backing me up to prove that the Halo 3 footage is Pre-Alpha while completely missing the point.

Halo 3's graphics got WORSE pre-alpha to final.

Halo 2's graphics got WORSE pre-alpha to final.

Bungie is using pre-alpha as an excuse for all the criticism they received. Could the game look better pre-alpha to final? Sure, but history has shown they can't back up early screens.

el zorro3190d ago


Xi already showed how you were wrong.

You probably didn't do anything to the screenshot, but Xi already showed how you can get screenshots that show whatever you want to show. Those Killzone 2 screenshots he showed looked horrible and light years away from the first Killzone 2 trailers.

Show me a true gameplay screenshot from a pre-alpha build of Halo 3, not an early trailer which wasn't even found in the final game. That screenshot Xi showed of Halo 3 looked basically the same as that trailer and it also looked the same as the final game except for a shinier armor on master chief.

All I know is that these images from Halo Reach look really impressive and I am willing to bet you that the final version will look just as good or better.

SilentNegotiator3190d ago

I want to see actual 720p screen captures now....

WildArmed3190d ago

Wow.. that made your day?
That is kinda sad o_o

But either way, I'm eagerly waiting to try the reach beta out xD

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TROLL EATER3191d ago (Edited 3191d ago )

haters need to realise this aint no linear sequenced game like uncharted or mw. halo reach will have so much more processing ontop with great graphics

cnt wait to see the final product im sure the environments wil be amazing and those wheather effects.

Unicron3191d ago

Linearity has basically nothing to do with processing.

Bnet3433191d ago

Exactly what Unicorn said. The fact that a game is linear or not, has nothing to do with "processing" Do people read what they type these days. lol yeesh ... -_-

Traveler3191d ago

I think he might be talking about how big and open the environments are in Halo as compared to more linear games.

Cueil3191d ago

Troll Eater has some basis in reality... one of the more impressive things is that Halo: Reach doesn't use a skybox... a linear game is easier to create at a high level... just look at the most linear games on the PS2 and you can see that's true... God of War 2 was pretty impressive on the PS2 but it dealt with a very narrow field

SilentNegotiator3190d ago

You are what you eat, TROLL EATER.

WildArmed3190d ago


Comment of the day =p


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watchman3191d ago

Anyway anything related to the Xbox 360 in here gets bash, just watch how many disagree i'm gonna have. lol

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Silly gameAr3191d ago (Edited 3191d ago )

You guys really get off on playing the victim huh? I've noticed that a lot lately.

Kurylo3d3191d ago

They really aint playn... look at me.. i have 1 bubble... look at u.. you have like 80... cause u probably speak positive on sony stuff.. and i just speak the truth even when it sounds bad for sony...

3191d ago
blue7xx73191d ago

Yeah that is true I have both an xbox 360 and ps3 but I notice anyone who talks bad about sony or the ps3 usually get more disagree's and have very few bubbles. Anyways good to see Halo Reach is only going to improve from what we have seen.

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Pootangpie3191d ago

I can't imagine how good the final product will be Sony fanboys will probably say otherwise and bring up BUT THE DVD9 LIMITION OH NOEZ

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