PS3 is Hacked by George Hotz - Hello Hypervisor, I'm GeoHot

The PS3 appears to be officially hacked by the famous iPhone hacker, at least according to George Hotz himself in his latest blog entry.

This news comes just under a month after he resumed PS3 hacking.

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PirateThom3287d ago

New firmware next week then?

LordMarius3287d ago

I am not expert on how hacking works, yet...
but wouldn't an update reverse this

plus this is bad for all of us since everyone knows new firmware = bricked consoles /s?

PirateThom3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

I'm no expert either, but I know the reason the PS3 has been unscathed, thus far, is because of the multi-layer security system:

If he only has lvl 1 access... that means he has read/write access... but the Linux and Game OS are lvl 2/3... so there's really not much at lvl 1 from a homebrew or piracy point of view.

"hacked" is a bit of a stretch, "exploited" would be closer.

Or maybe I'm wrong, I don't think I am though.

rroded3287d ago


seriously so many omg i haked the ps3 out since launch n yet to see a ps3 game on any torrent site.

roxkis3285d ago (Edited 3285d ago )

"but wouldn't an update reverse this"

FTA:"The theory isn't really patchable, but they (Sony)can make implementations much harder."

If this leads to anything worth getting, Sony can expect a huge sales spike. Crossing my fingers for something like xbmc (the irony).

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TOO PAWNED3287d ago

meh doesn't mean anything, here comes new firmware and its bye bye. PS3 is not PSP

Elven63286d ago

To patch the exploit Sony or any company for that matter would need to know where it is. I'm sure they might already be looking for it just to be on the safe side.

Dellis3286d ago (Edited 3286d ago )

lol at Piratethom being one of the first, dude it will never ever

be hacked, PS3 is the only console that will never be hacked, quit the

dream and get ready to play 59.99 for years to come.

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The story is too old to be commented.