Second Time's the Charm for Uncharted Sales

The original Uncharted released in November 2007 -- more than two years ago. According to NPD data through December 2009, the game had tallied accumulative sales of 778,000 units in the Americas. Not too shabby, especially for a brand new license on a console whose installed base was just getting, well, installed.

The good news for Drake fans is that Uncharted 2 blasted through those numbers in just two months. Yes -- just 60 days and it surpassed lifetime sales of its predecessor. Through December, Uncharted 2 managed sales of 949,000 units stateside. And when January NPD figures come back, it seems all but confirmed that the title will have easily slipped by the million-seller milestone.

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unrealgamer583217d ago

uc2 is so awesome, can't wait to play as cole and hale.

Noctis Aftermath3217d ago

I love uncharted 2, after Demon's Souls it's my 2009 GOTY.

delicia3215d ago

U2 deserves all the sales, it's a MASTERPIECE