Two Worlds Coming July 31st, Exclusive Screens

GamingTalkHQ is reporting that Two Worlds will be shipping to both the PC and the Xbox 360 July 31ST. They also got there hands on two exclusive screens.

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Kokoro4235d ago

This game looks great. Games are looking good this summer.

Numark4235d ago

yea, there a ton of great games coming out soon. I am not sure if i am buying this game or not, still undecided.

Rowland4235d ago

Fantastic ! lets hope this holds true...

ThisIsWaiting4235d ago

to own a 360!

or have a descent PC :p

socomnick4235d ago

I thought it was coming early july :/ they delayed again :/

Rowland4235d ago

.. info a couple of days ago suggested it would be early-mid Aug.

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The story is too old to be commented.