Easier by design: how and why game difficulty is changing (part 1)

Whatever your motivation, games are generally easier, more consumable and are certainly far less intimidating than ever before. Is this the curse of casual gaming's new-found commercial success? The necessary evolution of an expanding, diversifying medium? Or an unwelcome trend that's ruining everything for the hardcore?

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snoop_dizzle4727d ago

this is becoming true, however when there is a lot of games to play,(looking ahead to the end of the year), its not so bad, its just when there aren't many games, this becomes an issue.

Diselage4727d ago (Edited 4727d ago )

I feel it's a pretty big issue, probably 90% of games today can be gone through with out dieing/losing hardly at all.

Mighty Boom4726d ago

Games should be more challenging. Last years Madden is a prime example of that. Anyone could just pick up a contoller and play with little to no learning curve. In my opinion the "casual gaymer" should not dictate the level of difficulty for games. But hey, its all about the bottom line...

AdmiralX4726d ago

I remember the old days of gaming when I game took you some time to get thru, there were very difficult jumps, puzzles etc. and you died A LOT. I miss the old days when it would take 80 hours to finish a FF game and you really enjoyed the closing credits and felt like you accomplished something.

PS360WII4726d ago

Yeah games do seem to be getting easier. Except for a few like the Prince of Persia for last gen (the first one) and Ninja Gaiden. You can't really blame casual gamers for this too much becuase some of these games are for hardcore only type of gamers and it's still rather easy. I guess you could say the devs feel this generation of people don't want hard games they want games they can beat. I know I like to think I may or may not live through the next stage but a lot of devs want people to play the whole game, and not many people these days want to play the same level 20 times before they beat it anymore :( a bunch of lollygaggers if you ask me!

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