Mass Effect 2 - Armour Customization Screens

Ve3tro writes: "With Mass Effect 2 out early next week for Xbox 360 and PC we decided to treat you guys to some screens.

It's nothing to get giddy about but check out below fifteen screens showing the user customization for Commander Shepard's armour and casual apperance."

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GameOn3218d ago

This is just the cherry on top.

What a treat this game is gonna be.

003218d ago

when you can only see half of the character, other than that I like what I see.

TheIneffableBob3218d ago (Edited 3218d ago )

Some interesting armor.

pimpmaster3218d ago

yea i was playing it today, i feel that they lowerd the resolution to get better framerate though. :( it feels so claustrophobic , IMO its kinda like halo with 540p where your line of sight is very limited. other than that its good, bearly got on the normandy