Gamervision: Dark Void Review

The demo for Iron Man was really fun. Flying around in Tony Stark's custom-made suit seemed to work fairly well, the suit itself looked cool, and it appeared as though SEGA had really captured the feel of being the Armored Avenger. The ability to go from running on the ground to flying in the sky seemed like a perfect combination, but, sadly, this wasn't the case. In fact, it turned out to be a terrible game, and did little more than give gamers a taste of potential. The controls didn't work too well, and while Tony's suit looked good, nothing else did. SEGA understood that the way to make an Iron Man game was to blend together a shooter with a flying game, giving players the ability to control a character that could fight in the air and do battle on the ground, and that the trick was constantly shifting between the two. At the time, they just couldn't figure out the mechanics of either, and nothing turned out as it should have.

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