Gamebosh: Heavy Rain Preview

When big name publishers announce AAA titles, most gamers have an initial, knee-jerk reaction as to whether or not they are hyped about the impending release. Some games you just know you are going to want, no matter what reviews you read or gossip you hear. Others just do nothing for you and even giving it a second thought seems like a pointless waste of your time. When Sony announced Heavy Rain, which of the aforementioned scenarios best described your immediate view?

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stonecold13244d ago

with either god of war 3 or the real driving simulator gt5 got heavy rain covered already wish feb would come soon

StanRaimondi3244d ago

just preorded it cant wait to play just hoping i can stop playing mag white knight chronicles and dantes inferno to really enjoy it god its not enough time in a day to play them all and gow 3 and final fantasy is there a gaming addiction meeting that i can go to i think i have a serious problem