Wii Price Revealed? $300 US/ $350 CND

The big thought on everyone's mind has been the what final asking price for Nintendo's plunge into the next-gen market will be. Given the sturdy price of \$400 for a loaded Xbox 360, and the accusedly steep price of \$600 for a decked out PS3, Nintendo is in a prime spot to come in way below the competition with an extremely affordable next-gen console. It was previously announced that the Wii would come in at \$250 or below in the US - a real steal for the highly-praised revolutionary console - totally decimating the other price ranges.

But did Nintendo set the bar too low? Could they get the same amount of sales at a slightly higher price? Well if our information is correct, Nintendo may be counting on it.

Dick Jones6513d ago

I'd get last generations hardware with a new controller for $200, but for $300 I might aswell just put that towards a PS3.

kingboy6513d ago

lol nintendo is F@cked ..who`s gonna buy a ps3 then a Wii..i like it ..just like i said 2 weeks after E3 i`m loosing interest in this over hype wii thing ..

Islandkiwi6513d ago

50 dollars actually makes a difference in my mind. I was all set to buy one at release, regardless of games. But 300 makes me take a step back; I'll wait to see the games.

specialguest6513d ago

if this price is accurate or close, then no, you can't use the arguement of "i can get a 360 and a Wii for the price of a PS3." haha anyway, $300 isn't that bad. i'll still buy the Wii anyway.

Marriot VP6513d ago

well 360's already starting to drop price and when they officially do it this year you will be able to. And yes you can still get a core with a Wii for the price of a PS3.

zypher6513d ago (Edited 6513d ago )

don't be selective with your argument paul. you're speculating that the 360 will drop in price, even though Microsoft has explicitly stated that it won't. so, if you're gonna buy a core 360 and a Wii, then compare their prices to the core PS3, which is $500, less than the comparitive $600 for a both a $300 core 360 and $300 for a Wii. besides, you STILL get more with the CORE PS3 than you would with a PREMIUM 360, let alone a CORE 360, Blu-ray notwithstanding

BIadestarX6513d ago

I hope this is a false rumor. The wii should cost no more than $200 for the first year and then drop to $150. $300 bucks too expensive for a damn gamecube with a wiimote. They only reason why most of us will buy the wii is because of how the games will play (wiimote). Man! Why Nintendo didn’t just come up with the wiimote for the game cube and re-launch; it would be the same crap but cheaper. The wii without the wiimote is a last Gen Cripple console incapable of delivering today’s graphics, hd, sound, etc. So $300 for a wiimote it is just too expensive. I'm ok with Nintendo wanting to be profitable from day 1 and never take a lost; but charging 2 times more than what is worth to make it, it's insulting. Isn’t the Xbox 360 $299? This better be a rumor! AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Marriot VP6513d ago

zypher, come on like I don't know about everything you said. And even if you don't think the 360 will drop price this year it will eventually of course. Like you'll be able to get a PS3 or Wii in the first 5 months after launch.

The price drop CAN'T be announced by MS because people would wait and not buy a 360 before than. The 360's would pile up and not sell until the drop so that's very bad business to announce a drop months before it actually happens.

Even if it doesn't drop at Christmas expect it to in the first couple months of 2007. The 360 vs. PS3 vs. Wii won't even be an issue until mid 2007 when the shortages stop.

I'm not being selective I'm just pointing out that it will be 2 consoles for the price of one very soon. And blu-ray, umm what video gamer wants a questionable format for 200 bucks. The issue about formats doesn't matter because the MS's HD-DVD will match or be less than 200 and when the price drops in the next 6 months it'll still be less than a PS3 + blu-ray.

Their gonna hold the price drop at least until the HD-DVD so that consumers can make THEIR choice and not be forced to accept a format.

zypher6513d ago

again, you're basing your opinion on personal speculation. neither has Microsoft nor any credible gaming-site said anything about a 360 price cut. like most sites say, Microsoft doesn't need to cut the price of the 360, especially when its nearest competitor (PS3) is considerablly more expensive. and an "eventual" price drop is a vage opine: eventually both Wii and PS3 will have price cuts as well. so again, if you're gonna compare 360/Wii prices to the PS3, do it objectively: $400 Premium 360 + $300 Wii = $700 versus $600 Premium PS3, or, $300 Core 360 + $300 Wii = $600 versus Core PS3 at $500. either way you don't come away with the "I can get a 360 and a Wii for the price of a PS3" harangue Peter Moore has made infamous.

oh, and what does what i've said have to do with this? if i have written anything subjective or selectively derogatory about either the PS3 or the 360, can you please post it so that i can see for myself?

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MissAubrey6513d ago (Edited 6513d ago )

because i just can't.

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Profchaos2d ago (Edited 2d ago )

Name someone that isn't trying to look us these days maybe cdpr.

Take two, ubi and yes even PlayStation are pushing us to own nothing and be happy with our live service ad injected games on a sub so they can raise prices at will and take access away when they see fit.

If it keeps up I'll be a full time retro gamer and this industry will be crashing hard

As rediculas as it sounds we need government reforms to defend consumer rights