Wind Waker Wii

The Wind Waker was a fabulous game. It carried the already well established Zelda series over to Nintendo's new console of the time, the Gamecube. It was a classic Zelda experience, but at the same time, it wasn't too much of a carbon copy of any of the other games in the series. Sure, there were some similar things, but for the most of it, the game was new and creative. No, the cel-shaded toon-graphics weren't the only new thing, although, that is what sticks in people's minds.

It would not be too far from accurate to say that there is about a 50-50 split between those who were pleased with the toon graphics, and those who weren't. Regardless of your view, Nintendo did take a gamble in going down the path of cel-shading, and it goes without saying, that the gamble was worth it. But as it is now almost seven years later, we must wonder, what happened? Nintendo brought something new to console Zelda, yet we haven't seen it since.

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rawrockkillz3192d ago

I would like to see another console Zelda with the Wind Waker style. The Wind Waker was a very beautiful game.

Government Cheese3192d ago (Edited 3192d ago )

Personally I want to see a Zelda with Mario-like graphics.. Wasn't really a fan of TP's graphics...

randomwiz3192d ago

i loved wind waker. I especially loved how it looked.

when i played twilight princess on the wii, it was difficult on my eyes compared to wind waker

Redempteur3191d ago

Wind waker graphic style really helped this opus to feel richer than most games at times ..however some choices in game design prevent it from reaching it's true potential ..

It's was a great game despites the minor issues i had with it ...
( also it felt short when in reality it wasn't ..)

ReservoirDog3163190d ago

Aww, I thought they were rereleasing Wind Waker for the Wii. I would've bought that in a second since I sold it with my Gamecube. Regretted it the second I did it.

Actually, I think I'm gonna rebuy it and a gamecube controller on ebay so I can play it again on the Wii. Shouldn't be too expensive...

The entire game's worth playing simply for the final boss fight.

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ChickeyCantor3192d ago

Windwaker moved to the DS it seems.

LittleBigSackBoy3191d ago

It suits the DS perfect. The DS isn't exactly a "beast" when it comes to graphics. But with Wind Waker's style, that doesn't matter, and they mix old school zelda with new on the DS Zelda's. Great games, like all Zelda's,

hatchimatchi3191d ago

I'm glad too. I like the way wind waker looks but I want my zelda console games to not be cel shaded. I don't mind it on the handhelds. Call me crazy but that's how I feel.

ElementX3191d ago

I just bought Wind Waker used for $8 to play on my Wii.

GeoramA3191d ago

Wind Waker was my favorite Gamecube game ever. The exploring, the fantastic designed islands, and of course the amazing cel-shading. I beat the game twice already, but would definitely play again if they added motion controls.

I thought Twilight Princess was an average game and huge step back from WW. Was really linear, the overworld was barren as hell, and it just plain UGLY.

HobbsCanuck3191d ago

damn straight. I have the same opinion, and also beat it twice. Hell, it was my favourite game of all-time until Uncharted 2.

The reason I loved it so much, was because you weren't exploring hyrule on a horse, you were going from island to island by boat. What were there, 100 islands in total? I forget. But the dungeons were fun, and it was just fun explore, and see what there was to find.

I really didn't like TP that much because it felt like Ocarina of time again. Also, the just reused the same story, and I didn't feel for the characters at all.

Fragger2k83191d ago

I really love Wind Waker. It's so much better than Twilight Princess and Ocarina of Time, probably even combined. The art style is refreshing and easy on the eyes, and the music is some of my favorite from any Zelda game. I would really love to see more console Zelda games done like it again.

Just imagine an online four player co-op Zelda game, mostly like Wind Waker but mixed with a bit of Four Swords, with tons of challenging puzzles and bosses. Just think about all four of you sailing the beautiful blue wavy seas with your own little boats, or all of you firing upon multiple enemy ships that are heading your way, or even working together to take down gigantic boss ships during a thunderstorm. I can just picture the game being epic.

Nintendo NEEDS to do something like this, but they won't, ever. It's too bad, too, because what I can picture would be the best Zelda game there is.

Wind Waker is one of the few games that will stay with me forever, and by that I don't just mean in my collection. It's such a special game, and sometimes I'll play it just to listen to the music in the different areas. This game deserves a real sequel.

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