Rockstar Release New Red Dead Redemption Screens

Rockstar has released several Red Dead Redemption screenshots showing the games advanced cover system.

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erathaol3193d ago

I just hope the controls are a lot smoother than GTA IV, as I would like to have a good western in my current gen collection.

DaTruth3193d ago

That looks way better than all the earlier stuff.

Bathyj3193d ago

I love a western. Hope this is better than Gun, which was ok, not great.


I liked Gun, but It could have been better, This will def. be better, I keep watching the new gameplay vid over and over, I'm so excited for the possibilities that this title presents.


AliTheBrit193193d ago

The visuals look amazing :D

stuntman_mike3193d ago

the more i see of this game the better it looks, i reckon this is gonna be something special.

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