Worthplaying: Dark Void Review

Set near the beginning of World War II, Dark Void tells the story of Will Grey, a retired military pilot who takes private contracting jobs. His latest client is his ex-girlfriend, Ava, who has to make a delivery to an island located in the Bermuda Triangle, and the situation turns out to be more complex than either of them had expected. The island is a gateway to a mysterious parallel dimension called The Void, which is the home of The Watchers, a group of reptilian aliens who claim to have once ruled mankind. They're eager to do it again, and the only force stopping them from invading Earth is a ragtag group called The Survivors, comprised of humans who have been lost in The Void and famous folks from the era, such as Tesla. Will is forced to don a prototype rocket pack to fight off The Watchers and find a way to return home.

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