Tales of the World to feature 1000 items, 300 quests

Trees in the world of the Tales series always seem to be in peril. The World Tree of Tales of the World is wasting away due to evil deeds of Devourers, demonic creatures from another planet. The World Tree, which created and protected the beautiful land of Terresia, uses the last of its strength to call upon the world's greatest heroes to save it.

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Diselage4728d ago

Impressive for a PSP title

Double-Edged4728d ago

quick question about installing a custom firmware...

Is it safe to install while a game is inside the PSP???

ElementX4727d ago

1000 items? sword, sword +1, red sword, rusty sword, dull sword, dull sword +1 mana regen. blah blah blah blah blah.

GamerMan4727d ago

just add a great story to it and I will get it... I've been feeling RPG deprived... can't wait to find out more about this game...