DICE: BC2 single player is as important as multiplayer

Nick @ PS3Center writes:

The Battlefield franchise, starting with 1942 on the PC, has always been a predominantly multiplayer focused franchise, with single player merely acting as a practice mode for the online component. This will change, however, with DICE's latest entry into the franchise, Bad Company 2.

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gaffyh3218d ago

Good to know that devs still put in effort for Single player, it is my main reason to buy a game. Unless that game is multiplayer only of course.

gauntletpython3218d ago

I hope they stay a bit more grounded than Modern Warfare 2. MW2 got soooo Tom Clancy conspiracy/over the top-ish. Or maybe Medal of Honor will more that type of game?

shadowfox3218d ago

I hope they keep the non-serious attitude of the first one. It kinda separated it from all the other serious FPS.

JustCallMeMarcus3218d ago

I can't imagine this game being all that great. I just played the first one and it's pretty forgettable.

perseus3217d ago

Yes, it is forgettable. If you've had a lobotomy.