Game Informer confirms Forges return in Reach

GamerMade writes, "A lesser known tidbit of information seemed to pass over the majority of readers in Game Informer's February cover story of Halo: Reach. In their brief mention of multiplayer, Bungie told GI that Reach will offer total parity with Halo 3's multiplayer feature set and then some. They didn't mention it directly but it's good news for the creative gamer because it means the Forge returns!"

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Bungie3190d ago

that's like mods on consoles

can't believe only halo games use it since halo 3

Amazing news

Bungie = Awesomeness

Fishy Fingers3190d ago

Mods? Not quite, but a good feature none the less.

Bungie3190d ago (Edited 3190d ago )

it's kinda is

EDIT : that's why i said "on consoles "

nothing beat forge on consoles

it's really not fair to compare it to PC mods

Fishy Fingers3190d ago (Edited 3190d ago )

You consider that a mod? I guess in the simplest term it could be seen that way, but you cant compare Forge to mod support.

Edit: UT3 PS3 springs to mind.

green3190d ago

dont you have to create the UT3 mods on a PC and transfer it via usb to the PS3?

gamermade3190d ago

Wel Far Cry 2 has a much more robust map editor but not the game mode editor to compliment it and the gameplay isn't as good as Halo 3 either.

Also the PC is required to make maps for UT3 PS3.

kaveti66163190d ago

I like Halo 3's editor a lot even though I don't have the creativity to create fun custom maps. A lot of other players have created wonderful and unique maps that players can download and create matches with. It's kind of like with Little Big Planet, although there's a few restrictions.

It's good to see that Bungie is going to keep Forge in Reach. If it had not, it would have been akin to Infinity Ward removing dedicated server support from MW2 on PC.

mrv3213190d ago

Would you consider LBP and MOD nation racers a mod game because this is awsome.

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FragMnTagM3190d ago

Good to see they did not scrap forge mode. I have played many awesome maps made by users, not only with friends, but in matchmaking as well. It is great that Bungie recognizes great map creations and implements them into matchmaking.

I hope they give a little more tools this time around like terrain, trees, and water.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3190d ago (Edited 3190d ago )

Bungie would never drop an innovative feature as that. I can't wait to see what that have in store for theater and what people can do with machinima. Red vs Blue on the Halo Reach engine would just be icing. Everything Bungie makes others copy and it's good that they do.

Xi3189d ago

First developer to ever package a level editor in their game.

Bnet3433189d ago

Not really, but Bungie does an awesome job with Forge.

Xi3189d ago (Edited 3189d ago )

Forge was packages with marathon in 1995, prior to which no other games featured mod tools.

it was also the first game to feature ambient ai, dual wielding weapons, and the first fps to feature multiple tiered levels, misson objective and puzzles, and area effects (like acid pools and oxygen).

People act as if halo is the only thing they made, when marathon is one of the fore-fathers of fps games.

Bnet3433189d ago

Ahh well then I don't know. Go Bungie anyway right? :)

gamermade3189d ago

About time someone else around here knows how sweet Marathon was. Oh and you forgot RADAR! Perhaps that most adopted systems in current gen FPS's. Marathon had it first. Thats right... before Goldeneye.

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