PSN gives devs "weaker negotiating position"

The PlayStation Network gives small developers "a much weaker negotiating position" compared to Xbox Live Arcade, says acclaimed indie dev, Introversion Software.

Comparing the differences between the two consoles' online business models, Introversion MD, Mark Morris told CVG, "I think there are different challenges with Sony.

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thebudgetgamer3191d ago (Edited 3191d ago )

dont get me wrong theres plenty of good stuff on there, but look at all the crap you have to wade through before you get to it.

so you want to make a game for xbla go ahead we're not going to check if its good before you release it.

gaffyh3191d ago

Yeah haha, these guys are basically complaining that Sony is focused on getting quality working games on their system.

Jamegohanssj53191d ago

Shovel ware. Who wants a lot of it?


mastiffchild3191d ago

I don't understand how Sony's bargaining position is any weaker to be honest as they seem to be just more careful over what they approve for release on the PSN, don't they? That's what i DID get from what this guys said. Anyway, should you go to Sony with a good idea to demo and go exclusively with the,m*assuming they like it) then don't they , like, cover your development costs or something? Surely that's quite a strong bargaining tool, no?

Whatever, they don't half have some great games on both services even if a higher percentage of PSN's smaller library are of a high quality there's nothing to choose between them overall with prolly just as many good games on both and some excellent exclusives as well.

Don't see why making sure the games are good before signing them off is in any way a weakness for Sony though I might be misunderstanding the fella.

presto7173191d ago

So that's why there's no shovelware on PSN.

Everything all makes sense now.

baum3191d ago

Sony has the pub fund, how is that weak? Cry more.

Hellsvacancy3191d ago

Introversion? never heard of them, so i dont really give a toss wot they say/think

Bungie3191d ago (Edited 3191d ago )

i guess that's explain why XBL is superior coz there's more quality games

but still think PSN is good and free

Oner3191d ago (Edited 3191d ago )

^^^ And once again "more" or "quantity" does not equate QUALITY.

UnwanteDreamz3191d ago (Edited 3191d ago )

Don't bother you are talking to a brick wall. He is a kid and should be spoken to in a way that suits his station.

"guess that's explain why XBL is superior coz there's more games"

The above comment is an OPINION, like as*holes, everyone has one, and most stink.

thebudgetgamer3191d ago

do you really want a slew of games being released without proper quality control?

3191d ago
AssassinHD3191d ago

Yes Budget he does. He wants as many shovelware titles released as possible, and I will tell you why. It is because he can then use the number of titles as ammunition in his little delusional console war, and the quality is irrelevant because he does not play games anyway.

SilentNegotiator3191d ago (Edited 3191d ago )

That's why LIVE arcade is filled with shovelware. There are good games on live arcade, but most of them are pretty bad. There's no quality control.

"That’s a problem because it means you have to invest a lot of time and effort and then you’re in a much weaker negotiating position because they could turn around and say ‘we don’t want it’.
‘However, to be fair, I’m sure if Microsoft wasn’t happy with what you’d delivered they’d say ‘you need to fix this’."

Wow! Those must be direct quotes!
Like Sony wouldn't give them ANY opportunity to make fixes. Pfft.

Hellsvacancy3191d ago (Edited 3191d ago )

"Once again an adult has to come and explain things to the PS3 fanboys"

So where is this adult then?

UnwanteDreamz3191d ago (Edited 3191d ago )

If you are interested in this dev then do yourself a favor and go to their website and look at the games they have made. I count 4 including their new XBLA game subversion. After you have done this ask yourself if PSN is missing out on these titles.

I'm sure someone will play this stuff but it wouldn't be me or anyone I game with. This crap looks very dated, and not in a cool retro way either.

EDIT @ Mr. Marbles

Would be interesting to know if XBL being older and in the game longer than PSN, would have something to do with more content.

It would also be interesting to track reviews on these titles so that we could get a percentage of quality as it relates to quantity. I mean most with half a brain can understand the quality over quantity argument. You say

"MS tells you right up front the quality of your project is not what it needs to be to get on XBL,"

What does that matter when you have no idea what criteria they look for in approving content on XBL. This sounds like your own opinion buddy.

DaTruth3191d ago (Edited 3191d ago )

Sony: Sorry Introversion, but your game is crap and buggy and we will not have it on our service!

Introversion: Well, well, well PSN has a much weaker negotiating position than XBL!!!

Introversion: Ha! We showed them!

Saaking3191d ago (Edited 3191d ago )

lmao. I'd rather get the quality game than all the crappy ones. Thank you Sony.

DatNJDom813191d ago

i guess thats why psn only has quality psn games. on top of that its free.

xbox live is good though. u pay 50 bucks a year and get a large quantity of games, mostly crap but there are good games in there.

lve2playbball3191d ago


Does everything you say have to refer to the 'superiority' of the PS3? Everybody knows the PS3 has superior capabilities b/c of its why do you have to point that out in EVERY COMMENT YOU MAKE? If you're not pointing to that you are insulting the "lack of exclusives" or the "lack of quality games" on the 360. Such a tool.

kwyjibo3191d ago

Firstly VG247 need a f*cking editor.

Introversion does not say that PSN has a "much weaker negotiating position". He says that Sony places THE DEVELOPER in a much weaker negotiating position, ie - Sony have more power.

And to the ignorant A-holes who neither know who Introversion are, or read the article. Here's some facts and information, so you don't appear as moronic next time.

Introversion have talked time and time again about their Microsoft learning curve. About how Microsoft went back to them with feedback, a lot of it critical, that they had to patch up before they got a release window. (replace the * in the URL)

You see? Microsoft do have a stringent approval process. Only, they greenlight a lot earlier - they say, yes - if you meet these requirements, we can release. That gives you a clear roadmap ahead.

Sony just expects you to do more of the work without letting you know. That's the risk they're talking about.

Which isn't as bad as the appstore - which is - you finish the thing - then Apple may or may not release it, depending on criteria that isn't published. And then they might pull your app anyway.

A Cupcake for Gabe3191d ago

What I love about the 360 is when I turn it on, I don't see any game news first, it's usually something stupid like a Progressive Car insurance

sikbeta3191d ago

Anyone have a Clear Idea of How Pub-Fund works, cuz I wanna know...

vhero3190d ago

Good for Sony I think that not saying yes we will take it before you see a final product is very wise. I am honestly surprised though MS hasn't changed to this model though as its obvious MS way of thinking was only set up like that to get lots of games on XBLA before the PS3 launched. It does explain why PS3 gets games later though as they have to be perfect to get on PS3. I think Minis are the obvious exception to this.

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Raoh3191d ago

LOL so he's mad cause sony wants the devs who promise a game to actually do some work?

LOL, its a psn/xbla game, they are not making a 50gb game, if you cant take the time to put in some work into your own project... maybe we DON'T want it..

i_am_interested3191d ago

he's probably mad because sony isnt giving him the fat princess treatment

RedDragan3189d ago

It is no coincedence that SuperStardust HD is still the most popular game on PSN.

If all dev's aimed for that kind of quality in the game, Sony would be approving left, right and center.

The secret to that game is that it is simple and glitch free. That is what gamers want.

mrv3213191d ago

You could just make a game exclusive and receive all the developement money for the game... but hey.

Or you could make a game show it to Sony and then get support. Most PSN developers have allready made a game in the past. I find XBL to be weighted down but sub-par content PSN has fewer numbers in terms of content but on average better games in all honesty they are both great services.

SilentNegotiator3191d ago

With an exclusive PSN game, Sony matches the development budget with guaranteed royalties, as well as assisting with game design and marketing. Despite that, entering into the Pub Fund agreement doesn't mean Sony is taking over the property.

They would indeed greatly benefit from PSN exclusivity.

hunter213191d ago

yeah xbl has a lot of libraries of games to offer but are the games worth it to play or purchase ? for me most of it are not worth it ... , i rather have the quality than quantity.

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