Rage - New screenshots published some new amazing screenshots from Rage. Check them out.

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Larry L3193d ago

People seem to have totally forgotten about this game due to the hype of many other games. Which I understand, but personally I have NEVER lost my excitment for this game. RAGE is probably the #1 cross platform game that I'm most hyped for.

I really think iD is going to knock people's socks off with this game. Maybe some of the most amazing graphics ever, especially the textures, intense Motorstorm style racing with weapons, a Fallout-esque post apocalyptic world, and DOOM style FPS action!!! I truly can't wait for this game to come out. Day 1 on PS3 for me.

chak_3192d ago

Couldn't agree more, I'm really waiting for rage, looks badass

Sez 3193d ago

This is one game I have to say. I'm getting on my PC. Usually i'd buy it for the 360. But the PC version will be better than the console versions.

jalen2473193d ago

Looks really good. But doesn't have the wow factor it used to have because games these days are looking just as good...