Five hours into Mass Effect 2 – Spoiler Free!

From the article:

"The SG review copy from EA arrived early yesterday, allowing me [the author - Lono from] an opportunity to dive into the game and give you all a little taste of what to expect in Mass Effect 2.This will be spoiler free, but I will discuss certain gameplay elements.

Straight away, I wanted to import my ME character, a level 47 Vanguard. I had a bit of difficulty doing this, because I had moved my save files from my old 20 gb HDD to my new, shiny 60 gb HDD. The only data left on the old drive was the Batarian DLC. After installing both discs on to my 60gb HDD, I started the game and began importing my old save, except, no save file was found? Turns out, the save was inexplicably found when I used my 20 gb HDD, even though I had previously moved all of my save files off that HDD. So, I started the game, saved to my memory card, switched HDD's, and continued playing on the 60 gb HDD. Word of warning, you'll need your original save device to import your character from ME to ME2."

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