Sonic Spinball Rollercoaster & Hotel Room Officially Revealed

SEGA Europe Ltd has announced an exciting three year partnership with Alton Towers Resort, the most popular theme park in the UK. The deal, which gives SEGA the exclusive videogame rights at the resort, also marks the first time a videogame character has been given their own 'Ride and Stay' experience at the popular UK attraction.

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Myst3189d ago

For a second I thought they were making a Hotel Sonic game like that one company made Hotel Mario. Though a bit relieved that it is something different than what I imagined after reading more than just the title.

nighmare233188d ago

how many different types of Sonic games can they come up with?

John_Dylan3188d ago

Damn that looks cool, though i think the rollercoaster operators would be hard pressed to capture the speed and excitement of the Sonic brand gamers used to feel back in its hayday.

jay23188d ago

Oh sweet, I'll have to go some time.

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