What we want in Call of Duty 7 (GamingBolt)

GB writes: "Given the recent speculation on who could be developing the next game in the Call of Duty behemoth franchise, we at Gaming Bolt decided to make a list of features that we would like to see emplaced in the next game. Developers take note!"

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villevalorox3284d ago

idk about you guys but I think i do not want Cod7..

mjolliffe3284d ago

I'll give Treyarch a chance with this one. Then I'll probably choose Medal of Honor or Battlefield as my FPS series of choice :)

Solidus187-SCMilk3284d ago


I wanted to get MW 2 after renting it the first week but after taht ALL these glitches come out and now im not even thinking about getting it any time soon. It was enjoyable the first week when there were no glitches, and playing with my casual-gamer-real-life-friends would have been great buy TOO BAD IW FAILED.

bacon133284d ago (Edited 3284d ago )

I want to be able to hold 4 Model 1887s, because 2 wasn't enough. s/

PoSTedUP3284d ago (Edited 3284d ago )

cod is played out for me, it would have to be really amazing for me to touch it, like KZ2 with more action.. (ha yeah right)

duplissi3284d ago

how about a campain with a little heft? or one that has a coherent narative? no glitches, one that actually deserves to be called call of duty,

or they could return to what made call of duty good in the first place........ instead of the bullsh*t mindf*ck that is modern warfare 2

Saaking3284d ago

I don't know about everyone else, but I enjoyed World at War more than MW2. Maybe that's just me, but I think it gets too much unnecessary hate.

A Cupcake for Gabe3284d ago

Of all the shooter coming, I think Medal of Honor looks the most promising. It wakes what MW was and really gives it a more Killzone 2 feel. Will it be that good? I dunno yet?

But Treyarch should really not stick to history. Vietman is cool, but over done as well. I think the next COD7 should really focus on larger scale elements, like 8 player story co-op. And perhaps more mini games like Nazi Zombies

Arnon3284d ago

I want you to wait and actually put time and effort into your development.

Or better yet, just don't make it. You're ruining what was once a great franchise.

vickers5003284d ago (Edited 3284d ago )

What I DON'T want in CoD7 is to see the thompson, mp44, mp40, m1 garand, kar98, gewher, luger, sten, springfield, lee engfield or any other tired a$$ rehash of the same weapons over and f*cking over again that treyarch felt like sticking with in World at War.

This is 2010 treyarch, it's time for a new weapons roster. And make the game at least on par with the 360 version this time. Their laziness made the ps3 version look like sh*t.

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disturbing_flame3284d ago

PPL stop ask things to devs, we all have seen how these things went to far with MW2. The game is totally unbalanced, noobish, a patch every week, killstreak bonuses like dysneyland. Ok we have opinions, but the devs must stop listening to the crowd, it results often that the game is total crap beacuse it wants to please everyone.
This is just my thought about something developpers do more and more, a feeling that there's no more creativity, just games on demand.
It's not a general feeling, hope COD 7 will surpass modern warfare 2 in its online mode, give us something based on the core COD experience, Cheers to all the fan of that serie.
BTW battlefield BC 2 looks pretty damn cool.

Solidus187-SCMilk3284d ago

My killstreaks were:

(skip uav)

1 Predator missle
2 lite chopper

with taht streak I could easily go 20-1 as the freaked pave low DESTROYS people.

I think IW made more ways for noobs to get kills in MW 2. AND HERE WE WERE COMPLAINING ABOUT MARTRYERDOM(which is easy to avoid).


The glitches only make it worse.

NotoriousWarrior3284d ago (Edited 3284d ago )

the title should be "What we don't want in Call of Duty 7"


pimpmaster3284d ago

what i want from cod7? for it not to be made by treyarch

jasonohalloran3284d ago

Yeah and Infinity Ward did one hell of a job with MW2... All Treyarch has to do release a game with little to no glitches and they've already done better

GamerSciz3284d ago

I will take a COD 7 (even though I have chosen to skip MW2) if they build a new engine with new graphics, physics, and animations. Some larger issues I have with COD is most everything they listed except "rewarding campers". I think camping is a strategy and truth be told if you have a sniper class, camping is not only expected but practically required. Now if someone is camping with the M249 with 100 bullets per round and just spraying and praying, well there shouldn't be any award in that.

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