Sony Launches 80GB PS3 in Korea, Korea Doesn't Care

The PS3 was finally launched in Korea this weekend, and the fabled 80GB model was what was trotted out for the masses. The release party was a distinctly Sony affair: lots of pomp and circumstance, scantily clad models, and more press than public in attendance. But hey, 80GB PS3s!

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snoop_dizzle4734d ago

they would sell this?

I could understand if the hard drive would be over a 100 gigs but 20 more just doesn't make sense to me.

I will still be getting the 60 gig model.

SmokeyMcBear4734d ago

so you don't like 20 more gigs for the same price?

snoop_dizzle4734d ago (Edited 4734d ago )

60 gigs.

Especially when you can add a hard drive.

How many people out there are going to use 60 gigs?

And if there was a price cut, it would probably be on the 60 gig.

Captain Tuttle4734d ago

Is for downloading Hi-Def movies from the Sony Store. But then, why would you need Blu-Ray?

socomnick4734d ago

You can download movies from the psn ? I thought they dint have that yet.

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Meus Renaissance4734d ago

An article similar to this was posted a few days ago, I'm sure you'll be able to find it. And it included photo's of the entire conference filled, the photo's you included are not implying anything factual.

And I'm sure it's doing well. 200 sold out within 3 minutes within one retailer. That is pretty impressive.

I'm disappointed in your article though as it's just false. You should research first my man.

snoop_dizzle4734d ago

I've been away from the site fairly long.

So i might of missed it.

But anyways, do you have anymore statistics?

You can't just go by that small statistic.

And i checked where thew article came from, its from PS3

How is that reliable?

risk4734d ago

joystiq owns ps3fanboy and im pretty sure they own xboxfanboy aswell....

ITR4734d ago


Yours is more up to date because the orig Kotaku post was photos 4-3 hrs before the event. These photos are during the event.

Maddens Raiders4734d ago

I'm a perfect hire for that job. I mean it doesn't seem like you have to do any research or know what the hell you're talking about at all. And get paid! Better yet, maybe I could get my dog a job there. [e/sarc]

C'mon Snoop Dogg - you're better than this man. Who approved this a/w?

JasonXE4734d ago (Edited 4734d ago )

standard for most fan-made gaming sites is free games to review for staff members. Some games can be good, or bad games, but it's free. If you do get money then it's probably peanuts, but can only count a handful of sites that offer money for game journalism.

PS360WII4734d ago

heh that title is funny.

And wait did you say you'd never use 60 gigs? That's kind of a strech if you take into account Demos, movie clips, game trailers, and most likely soon to be whole movie downloads and more downloadable games. 60 gigs will not last that long for the console life cycle. It'll last a bit for sure but not forever

Maddens Raiders4734d ago (Edited 4734d ago )

dbl post

well that's all folks!

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The story is too old to be commented.